Injury Prevention and First Aid

What are the leading causes of death for adolescents?
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What's the first aid for someone who is having a seizure?-move furniture away from person -protect them from injury -put something small and soft under their head -nothing in their mouth -call 911What's the First aid for sprain of strain?RICE R: Rest I: Ice C: Compression E: ElevationWhat's the treatment for first degree burn?-Wash for several minutes (cold water) -Keep clean and covered with clothWhat is the order of least to most serious heat related conditions?Heat Cramps --> heat exhaustion --> Heat strokeWhat are the DOs and DONTs of frost bite?DO: -move to a warm place -call 911 -remove tight clothing or jewelry -cover w/ blanket DONT: -rub or massage frostbitten area -try to take off the frostbitten area because it could refreeze