14 terms

parts of the microscope

Body tube
- Reflects light up to the viewers eye.
Holds eyepiece and nose piece. (鏡筒)
Nose piece
Nose piece holds the lenses and rotates (レボルバ)
Low Power Objective
The FIRST lens you use when doing proper microscope work. Magnification is usually 4X (低倍率対物レンズ)
Medium Power Objective
- The second lens you use when doing proper microscope work. Usually 10X (中倍率対物レンズ)
High Power Objective
The highest magnification used. Usually 40X. NEVER
use the coarse adjustment when using this lens.(高倍率対物レンズ)
Stage Clips
Use to keep the slide in place. (ステージ クリップ)
Use to vary the amount of light passing through the slide. Usually it is better if the amount of light is low.(しぼり 光の量を調整する)
Light Source
Sends light up through the diaphragm and through the
slide for viewing. (Our scopes use electric bulbs, but some scopes use light reflected from mirrors! 光源)
The part you look at with your eye.
Usually 10 X magnification.(接眼レンズ)
- Used to safely transport microscope and support the body tube, nosepiece, and lenses.(アーム)
Slides are placed on this. Allows light to pass through.
Coarse Adjustment Knob (Coarse focus)
- Used to make large changes in focus.
(This happens quickly. NOTE Never
use this when viewing on high power 粗動ねじ)
Fine Adjustment Knob (Fine focus)
- Used to make small changes in focus. Moves the stage slightly. 微動ねじ)
Base -
Supports the microscope.(鏡台、台座、鏡脚)