23 terms

MGT 350 Chapter 15

two or more people who intereact with each other to accomplish certain goals or meet certain needs
a group whose members work intensely with one another to achieve a specific common goal or objective
performance gains that result when individuals and departments coordinate their actions
formal group
a group that managers establish to achive organizational goals
informal group
a group that managers or nonmanagerial employees form to help achieve their own goals or meet their own needs
top-management team
a group composed of the CEO, the president, and the heads of the most important departments
research and development team
a team whose members have the expertise and experience needed to develop new products
command group
a group composed of subordinates who report to the same supervisor; also called department or unit
task force
a committee of manageres or nonmangerial employees from various departments or divisions who meet to solve a specific, mutual problem; also called ad hoc committee
self-managed work team
a group of employees who supervise their own activities and monitor the quality of the goods and services they provide
virtual team
a team whose members rarely or never meet face-to-face but, rather, intereact by using various forms of information technology such as e-mail, computer networks, telephone, fax, and videocameras
friendship group
an informal group composed of employees who enjoy one another's company and socialize with one another
interest group
an infomral group composed of employees seeking to achieve a common goal related to their membership in an organization
division of labor
splitting the work to be performed into particular tasks and assigning tasks to individual workers
task interdependence
the degree to which the work performed by one member of a group influences the work performed by other members
pooled task interdependence
the task interdependence that exists when group members make seperate and independent contributions to group performance
sequential task interdependence
the task interdependence that exists when group members must perform specific tasks in a predetermined order
reciporal task interdependence
the task interdependence that exists when the work performed by each group member is fully dependent on the work performed by other group members
group role
a set of behaviors and tasks that a member of a group is expected to perform because of his or her position in the group
role making
taking the initiative to modify an assigned role by assuming additional responsibilites
group norms
shared guidelines or rules for behavior that most group members follow
group cohesiveness
the degree to which members are attracted to or loyal to their group
social loafing
the tendency of individuals to put forth less effort when they work in groups than when they work alone