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  1. Pope Boniface VIII
  2. Journeyman
  3. First Estate
  4. Craft Guilds
  5. John Wycliffe
  1. a Estate of France that held clergy
  2. b Skilled workers came together in these for development of a certain product
  3. c A skilled worker who was paid wages by a master
  4. d Priest and teacher who attacked church
  5. e In 1302, decreed that popes were the only ones with power which went against Philip IV

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  1. Muslim leader in the 3rd Crusade
  2. Part of English parliament which gained power after the Hundred Years War
  3. Charging interest on loans, the Church did not allow this practice
  4. Estate of France that held Nobles
  5. Series of military expeditions to regain Holy Land

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  1. Market EconomyLand, Labor, and Capital are all controlled by individual persons


  2. Dante Alighieri (Dante)Italian poet who wrote The Divine Comedy


  3. ScholasticismAttempt to bring faith and reason together


  4. Edward III and Philip VIAfter France's Capetian line died out, these two men both tried to take over the throne


  5. Hanseatic LeagueDate 1096-1099, Crusaders captured Jerusalem from Turks