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  1. House Of Commons
  2. Hanseatic League
  3. Pope Boniface VIII
  4. Craft Guilds
  5. Second Crusade
  1. a Skilled workers came together in these for development of a certain product
  2. b In 1302, decreed that popes were the only ones with power which went against Philip IV
  3. c League of trade cities in Germany which helped regulate trade
  4. d 1147-1149, Crusaders head back to Europe defeated and ashamed
  5. e Part of English parliament which gained power after the Hundred Years War

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  1. Estate of France that held common people
  2. A worker for a master who learns under him
  3. Everyday speech that varied but very common
  4. Monk who wrote "Summa Theologiae"
  5. Followed Charles VII as king of France, helped strengthen monarchy

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  1. First CrusadeDate 1096-1099, Crusaders captured Jerusalem from Turks


  2. Barter EconomyLand, Labor, and Capital are all controlled by individual persons


  3. Jan HusType of church design that developed in the mid-1100's and stood to heaven


  4. Peter AbelardPlague that spread throughout Europe in 1347-1351


  5. Geoffrey ChaucerHouse of Lancaster man who claimed English throne in 1485 and defeated King Richard III