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  1. Seljuk Turks
  2. Geoffrey Chaucer
  3. Merchants and Master Workers
  4. Louis XI
  5. Great Schism
  1. a The church began to split into different rulers and opposing groups
  2. b Followed Charles VII as king of France, helped strengthen monarchy
  3. c English poet who wrote The Canterbury Tales
  4. d Muslim people from Central Asia, gained land in Palestine
  5. e Made up the majority of the middle class

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  1. Series of military expeditions to regain Holy Land
  2. Ordered that clergy should pay taxes in France
  3. Estate of France that held clergy
  4. Priest and teacher who attacked church
  5. Philosopher of scholasticism, wrote "Sic et Non"

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  1. Three archbishops and four German PrincesMade up the majority of the middle class


  2. Jan HusCriticized church, was excomunicated and killed


  3. Craft GuildsMerchants and workers began to associate into units


  4. Edward III and Philip VIYears that popes lived in Avignon during 1309-1377


  5. Third EstateEstate of France that held common people