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  1. Freedom, Exemption, Town Justice, Commercial Priveliges
  2. Pope Boniface VIII
  3. Second Crusade
  4. Craft Guilds
  5. John Wycliffe
  1. a 1147-1149, Crusaders head back to Europe defeated and ashamed
  2. b Priest and teacher who attacked church
  3. c Skilled workers came together in these for development of a certain product
  4. d The rights given to townspeople (specific)
  5. e In 1302, decreed that popes were the only ones with power which went against Philip IV

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  1. Spain became a nation in 1479 under these two
  2. Italian poet who wrote The Divine Comedy
  3. Merchants and workers began to associate into units
  4. Muslim leader in the 3rd Crusade
  5. Muslim people from Central Asia, gained land in Palestine

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  1. King Philip IV of FranceItalian poet who wrote The Divine Comedy


  2. Innocent IIIA worker for a master who learns under him


  3. Market EconomyGoods and services exchanged for other goods and services without the use of money


  4. Pope Urban IIPope that called for a Christian Crusade against the forces of Islam in 1095 c.e.


  5. Black DeathCriticized church, was excomunicated and killed