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  1. Peter Abelard
  2. Scholasticism
  3. Pope Urban II
  4. John Wycliffe
  5. Capital
  1. a Wealth that is earned, saved, and invested to make profits
  2. b Philosopher of scholasticism, wrote "Sic et Non"
  3. c Priest and teacher who attacked church
  4. d Attempt to bring faith and reason together
  5. e Pope that called for a Christian Crusade against the forces of Islam in 1095 c.e.

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  1. English poet who wrote The Canterbury Tales
  2. Charging interest on loans, the Church did not allow this practice
  3. Important family that was not too powerful but used marriage to gain control and power in Europe
  4. The rights given to townspeople (specific)
  5. Ordered that clergy should pay taxes in France

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  1. Three archbishops and four German PrincesMade up the majority of the middle class


  2. Henry TudorMuslim people from Central Asia, gained land in Palestine


  3. Seljuk TurksHouse of Lancaster man who claimed English throne in 1485 and defeated King Richard III


  4. Barter EconomyGoods and services exchanged for other goods and services without the use of money


  5. Great SchismThe church began to split into different rulers and opposing groups