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To loathe, detestAfter she failed repeatedly to learn the Pythagorean theorem, Susan began to abhor geometry.


To condense, shorten.The teacher assigned an abridged version of Tristram Shandy to her class, as the original was very long.


To depart secretlyAfter being fired, the disgruntled worker absconded in the middle of the night with six computers.


Sparing or limited in appetite, restrictive.His abstemious diet helped to keep him slim.


Praise, distinction.The winner of the spelling bee beamed as accolades were heaped upon her.


Growth in size or increase in amount.The committee's fundraising efforts resulted in an accretion in scholarship money.


Highest point, summit.The dictator was assassinated just as he reached the acme of his power.


Release from blame.The public was astonished at the jury's acquittal of the serial killer, how could they let him go?


Bitter, filled with animosity.The couple's acrimonious devoice made their mutual friends feel uncomfortable.


Old saying or proverb."A penny saved is a penny earned" is a popular adage.


To accommodate, adjust.Although it may be difficult at first, we all have to adapt to the new computer system.


Muddled, confused.Walking through the desert for so long addled his mind.


To cling or follow without deviation.He was a strict Catholic who adhered to all the teaching of the church.


Skillful, accomplished, highly competent.The adroit athlete completed even the most difficult obstacle course with ease.


High praise.After Ana's piano recital, the audience lavished her with adulation.


Antagonistic, competitive.The brothers' adversarial relationship made it impossible for them to support each other in the times of need.


Difficult or harmful situation.She has faced a lot of adversity throughout her childhood.


Pertaining to beauty or art.The museum curator, with her fine aesthetic sense, created an exhibit that was a joy to behold.

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