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What is the most likely reason for a person to have abnormally high blood ammonia levels?

Liver dysfunction

Which of the following is a feature of the metabolism of surplus dietary fat?

Excess fat is almost all stored

What is MEOS?

A system of enzymes that oxidizes alcohol and drugs

Which of the following products is not generated via TCA cycle or electron transport chain?


The effects on metabolism from starvation are similar to those from


Which of the following compounds cannot be formed from fatty acids?


A person with fruity odor on the breath demonstrates evidence of metabolic


Chronic excess alcohol intake leads to all of the following effects on folate except

the small intestine recycles more folate.

Lillie has been losing weight by following a very-low-carbohydrate diet for 2 months. Her primary care physician just diagnosed ketosis through a urine sample. Which of the following symptoms would be another way the physician might have suspected ketosis in Lillie?

Fruity odor on breath

The series of reactions involving the conversion of glucose to pyruvate is known as


Binge drinking is defined as the successive consumption of

4-5 drinks

Jason is 35 years old and was recently diagnosed with 2 failing kidneys. He was advised to decrease the amount protein he consumes. If Jason cheats by eating an 8-ounce steak for dinner tonight, shortly thereafter there would most likely be an increase in the urea levels of his


Which of the following statements is not characteristic of alcohol metabolism?

Alcohol is metabolized by muscle and brain cells as well as by the liver

Jake is getting ready for spring training and is sitting down to a dinner of half a chicken, a rib-eye steak, black beans, and 5 slices of bacon. He has been eating typical dinners like this for about a month and has since gained 7 pounds, while exercising only briefly. When Jake asks why he doesn't see an increase in his biceps or abs, the proper response should be

dietary protein alone does not contribute to muscle accretion.

Which of the following is a characteristic of the metabolism of specific macronutrients?

The rate of fat oxidation does not change when fat is eaten in excess

Which of the following is not a possible fate of metabolized glucose?


Approximately how many ATP molecules are synthesized from the complete oxidation of a molecule of palmitic acid?


What is the median weekly number of alcoholic drinks consumed by college students?

1 1/2

A person said to have acetone breath most likely has the condition known as


The amount of ethanol in a typical "drink" is

0.5 ounce

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