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angle brackets<>; positioned around code textHTMLhypertext markup language; foundation of all Web pagesweb browserdisplays web pages, i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safariweb pageone page within a website that contains text, images, gadgets, maps, video, sound, multimedia effects, etc.web sitecollection of web pages that are relatedstrong, or bold tagused to make words darkeremused to make words appear italicizedfront slashUsed to close a tags<font></font>Open and closed tags used to 'style' the text<center></center>used to place element in the center<a></a>anchor tags used to open a relative or absolute link<img scr="background.jpg" />Relative link to a jpg file named background<img src="" />Absolute link to a jpg file named background<img scr="background.jpg" /> Where is the background.jpg image located?in the same folder as the html file.<img src="" /> Where is the sunset.gif image located.on the web in a folder named htmlT<body bgcolor="silver"> </body> What is the result of this code?The background of your page will be colored silver.<a href="" target="_blank">ESPN Home</a> What to you click on to go espn.comESPN Home