25 terms

Dr. Coriaty Vocabulary Quiz 5 (pgs. 107-109)

acrophobia (n)
fear of being at a great height
agoraphobia (n)
fear of open spaces
Anglophobia (n)
dislike of England or the English
claustrophobia (n)
fear of enclosed or narrow spaces
Germanophobia (n)
dislike of Germany or the Germans
hydrophobia (n)
1. dread of water 2. rabies
monophobia (n)
fear of being alone
phobia (n)
fear; dread; aversion
photophobia (n)
aversion to light
xenophobia (n)
aversion to foreigners
Russophobe (n)
one who dislikes Russia or the Russians
philatelist (n)
stamp collector
philately (n)
collection and study of stamps
philharmonic (adj)
pertaining to a musical organization, such as a symphony orchestra
philhellenism (n)
support of Greece or the Greeks
philogyny (n)
love of women
philology (n)
study (love) of language and literature
philosopher (n)
lover of, or searcher for, wisdom or knowledge; person who regulates his or her life by the light of reason
Anglophile (n)
supporter of England or the English
audiophile (n)
one who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction
bibliophile (n)
lover of books
Francophile (n)
supporter of France or the French
Sinophile (n)
supporter of China or the Chinese
philanthropist (n)
lover of humanity; person active in promoting human welfare
philanthropy (n)
love of humanity, especially shown in donations to charitable and socially useful causes