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Arthritis definition
General term for many joint diseases - characterized by pain, swelling, stiffness and sometimes redness or purplish hue
OA Definition
● Most common form of joint disease
● Gradual onset degenerative disorder without systemic manifestations
● Articular inflammation minimal
● Dynamic repair process of synovial joints triggered by insults, some but not all of which result in symptomatic "joint failure"
● "wear and tear" arthritis / Spondylosis with focal destruction of articular cartilage
● Previously called Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)
RA Definition
Most common inflammatory arthritis - autoimmune connective tissue disease: the body's immune system attacks/damages collagen, cartilage, tendons, muscles and bone, especially obvious in the joints.
Reiter's Definition
Reactive arthritis - Urethritis / Uveitis / Arthritis
Conditions with Micro vs Macrocytic anemia
Microcytic: Iron deficiency, Thalassemias
Macrocytic: B12 deficiency, Folic acid deficiency
B12 deficiency anemia aka
Pernicious anemia
deficiency of all three cellular components of the blood (red cells, white cells, and platelets) - aplastic anemia
Anemia's cardinal sign
AS aka
Marie Strumpell or Bekhterev's Disease
Polymyositis aka
Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathy
RA vs OA (Simple)
RA - Systemic / Extra articular disease - Very deforming - Joint Osteopenia / Erosion
OA - Mainly localized to joints - Midly deforming - Subchondral Sclerosis - Bone cysts
OA vs RA S/S
OA: Crepitus, Ltd ROM, DIP/PIP (not wrist or MCP), muscle wasting - Nodal DIP>PIPs; pain relieved by rest
RA: AM Stiff 1+hr / 3+joints affected / 6+weeks / Symmetry / Nodules / RF / X-ray; Persistent Synovitis / Hand MCP+PIP / Foot MTP / Knee Popliteal Space;
Hand presentation in psoriatic arthritis
Nail dystrophy; also "sausage digit" or dactylitis resulting from joint synovitis, and periarticular inflammation of toes, fingers, sometimes knees with very large effusion;
CREST Syndrome associated with what disease
Differentiate between diseases with facial rash over bridge of nose
SLE - malar "butterfly" rash, fixed erythema, at or raised, sparing the nasolabial folds;
Adult dermatomyositis -heliotrope rash / eyes
Deficiency that causes neural tube defects
Folate Deficiency
Ulnar deviation found in what disease
Nongonococcal vs Gonococcal Bacterial Arthritis
NONGONOCOCCAL Patients are usually compromised (IV drug abuse
Immunosuppressed, Diabetics, Endocarditis, Damaged joints, Prosthetic, Joint surgery, Arthroscopy)
GONOCOCCAL Occurs chiefly in otherwise healthy individuals (More common in women (esp during menses and pregnancy)
Condition/anemia characterized by DNA mutation
Sickle Cell Anemia
AS early and late presentation via x-ray
Early - Sclerotic SI Jts (MRI better if Xray inconclusive with early suspicion of Dx) Inflammation of the intervertebral ligaments → boney spurs called Syndesmophytes
Later - Fusion of: SIs jts, Syndesmophytes, Facet jts, Costovertebral jts: Bamboo Spine;
Early sign of RA at wrist/hand
Morning stiffness -
OA Nodes @ PIP
OA Nodes @ DIPs
ID disease by nail condition
Nail dystrophy - PsA / DIP Arthritis;
Nail lesions, splintering - SLE;
Abnormal Periungual Nailfold capillaries - Adult dermatomyositis;
Brittle nails / Spoon shaped nails - Iron deficiency anemia