Spilled Water Quotes


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It was like the sun went out of our lives
Lu Si -yan - the struggle that the family felt after the father died
Your mother can't afford to keep you and your brother, so you have to go
Uncle Ba - he values the boy more than the girl
He's harmless, but I'm frightened of him because I don't understand him
Lu Si-yan - she is afraid of the attention Yimou gives her
There is a broom in the cupboard. Be sure you sweep up every last splinter. We wouldn't want to cut ourselves would we?
Mrs Chen- she doesn't actually care about Lu Si-yan's well being
I want you to take this there should be enough to get you home and quite a bit to spare for your family
Mrs Wong - she tries to help Lu Si-yan
Our workers are just like family to us
Mr and Mrs Wang - the lie they tell their factory employees