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Quizes 1-3 Mastering Biology


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Natural selection acts only on traits that are _____.
Darwin described the process of "descent with modification." What is this process?
The characteristics of a species change from generation to generation.
summarizes the relationship among the scientific method, which involves hypotheses, predictions and experiments
A hypothesis is a proposed answer to a tightly focused question; a prediction is a specific claim that follows from a hypothesis and can be tested in an experiment.
What are the mandates of the cell theory?
all cells come from pre existing cells; all living organisms are made of cells
What are the 5 components of life?
1. Use and aquisition of energy 2. made of cells 3.processes and uses information 4. able to reproduce 5.capable of evolving
In Pasteur's experiment, the purpose of the swan neck on the flask was to _____.
trap cells from the air before they reached the growth medium
Which of the following accurately summarizes sources of evidence that support the pattern and process components of the cell theory?
Pattern: Hooke's microscopic examination of cork; Process: Pasteur's experiment
what happens to proteins that lack an ER signal sequence
remain in the cytosol and release the proteins there
What central theme of biology helps explain why various cells can look so different from each other
cells correlate structure with function
In plant cells, why are toxins such as nicotine, cocaine, and caffeine found in vacuoles instead of the cytosol
Toxins in vacuoles are sequestered from the rest of the cell, where they could do harm.
passive transport is