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Describe the parts of a atom

Nucleus, Protons, Neutrons, Electrons

Which part of the atom is the key to chemical bonding


Describe the ionic bond

nonmetals + metal. add/lose electrons

Describe the covalent bond

Sharing the electrons

Describe hydrogen bond

A weak bond between two molecules resulting from an electrostatic attraction between a proton in one molecule and an electronegative

Ph scale

Scale to see how much H ions are in solution. 0-14

Acid Solution

Any water solution that has more hydrogen ions (H+) than hydroxide ions (OH[[minus]]); any water solution with a pH less than 7. Compare basic solution, neutral solution.

Alkaline Solution

has a ph higher than 7

Organic Cmpounds

compound that contains carbon

4 major organic compounds in the human body

Lipids, Protein, Nucleic acid, Carbs


give you short term energy


Glucose, Fructose, Galactose


sucrose, lactose, maltose


Starch, Glycogen, Cellulose


Long lasting energy source


Fight off sickness, replicate or repair cells

Protein Structure

Protein are a organic compound and are made of amino acids, which is assembled by informations in genes

2 info molecules


Nucleic Units


4 Nucleotides in DNA



adenine (A) - a purine
cytosine(C) - a pyrimidine
guanine (G) - a purine
thymine (T) - a pyrimidine

ATP Importance

It transports energy

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