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How does shakespeare make the common people appear to be less than noble

the way they talk to them, and how one man was called cobbler instead of his real name

what are the people doing that anfers marrullus and flavius? why does this anger him?

Caesars triumph over pompey.
Because he conqured rome instead of protecting it

what actions do Marrullus and flavius take to correct the situation

they tell them to leave and pray for forgiveness . people were treating Caesar like a god

why does Caesar want calpurnia to in Antony's path during the race in honor of the feast of Lupercal

so he can strike her to rid her of her sterility .

what is antony's response to Caesar's instructions? what does this suggest about their relatationship?

when Caesar says "do this", it is preferred.
This shows that they have a king-common man relationship

what is caesar's reation to soothsayer's warnings?

he ignores it

what complaint does Cassius make about Brutus's behavior toward him? how does Brutus answer this complaint?

Cassius says that Brutus is ignoring him.
Brutus doesnt trust Cassius

Cassius's story attacks what aspect of Caesar's makeup?what is this attack supposed to say to Brutus?

Is he worthy to be our god?
He doesnt have to strength to be our leader

What does Cassius mean by the following statement? ''Brutus' will start a spririt as soon as caesar"

Brutus could cause as a much cheering as Caesar.

how does brutus respond to cassius;s attack on Caesar?

he'll think about it

what astute observation does Caesar make of Cassius?

hes in danger of power

what faults does Caesar see in Cassius' nature?

he never smiles and never goes to plays

what does caesar mean by the following statement? "i rather tell thee what is to be feared, than what i fear; for i am always caesar.

He doesnt want to tell the common peoploe what they should be afraid of.

what does this statement make about Caesar's nature?

the doesnt want to show weakness

what story does Casca relate to Brutus and Cassius?
what does Casca tell us by the personal remarks he adds to the story?

he offers him the crown 3 times but he says no

how did the people react to Ceasar;s fit? what does this tell us about their feelings for Caesasr?

they felt badly for him
He believes he's a dictator and only wants power.

what iimformation does Casca givae about Marullus and Flavius?

take the robes and gifts away. By making him look ungodly, they might be exiled.

at the end of the scene, what plans does Cassius make to sway Brutus to his cause?

He will leave letters that say about his flaws and how aweful he is. So Brutus will find him

whad wonderous things has Casca seen on this night?

a lion, people on fire, owl during the daytime

what reason does Cassius give for the terrible storm<

the gods are angry at someone's actions

what timportant news does Casca give Cassius about the Senate's plan?

they have decided to give the crown to Caesar.

What does Cassius mean by the following statement? "He were no lion, were not Romans hinds"

he needs Romans to stand behind him

what instructions does Cassius give Cinna that will help sway Brutus to their cause?

go put these letters where Brutus will find them

what reason does Casca give for wanting Brutus to join their cause

Everyon loves Brutus, so it wull look like justification

what queston is Brutus pondering at the opening of the scene

weather or not to kill Caesar

for what information does Brutus wan t Lucius to look at a calender? what is the significance of what Lucias finds?

the date, it is the ides of march, the deathday

why do conspiritorwant Ciero to join them

it will make the conspiricy respectable.

why does Brutus reject Ciero? What is Cassius' reaction and what does this show about his and Brutus' relationship?

He doesnt allow other people's
He does with it, and it shows that Brutus is the leader.

what do conspiritors plan to do the next day

kill Caesar

how does Decius say he will make sure that Caesar will come to the Capital?

he uses flattery

what has Porcia done to show that she is worth of knowing his secrets

She stabbs herself in the thigh

what strange and horrible things does Calphurnia report to Caesar that have been seen that night >

lion having kids

what does Calpurnia mean by the following statement?" when beggars doe, there are no comets seen; the heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes?

omens like this only come when someone important dies

how dies Decius convince Caesar to go to the capitol?

he reinterprets Calphurnia's dream. Manipulates with crown and flattery

what is Artemidoruis's plan?

to give Caesar a letter telling Caeasr that all his freinds are conspiritors.

why is portia so nrevous and upset?on what errand does she send Lucius

she keeps thinking she heares things.
To go tell Brutus that she's fine

in regard to aRtemidorus' request, how does Caesar's nobility doom him

he thinks its not important

what is metellus Cimber's petition to Caesar? what is Caesar's response and why does he give this response?

He wants his brother to not be banished anymore. It's no, because he is the only constant

what does brutus instruct the conspititors to do beofre they go into the public?why does he instruct them to do this?

wipe their hands and feet with Caesar's blood. Proof that he's dead

what request does antony's servant bring to Brutus? What is Brutus' response?

is it safe for him to go to the senate, and wants to know why Caesars wife was killed

why does cassius object to letting antony speak at Caesar's funeral? what reassuranse does Brutus give him

he will turn the people against him
ill speak before antony and calm the people

what promise does antony give Brutus about his funeral speech

he promises to not blame the conspiritors.

After being left alone with Caesar's body, what does Antony promise to do?

to kill the conspriitors and create political chaos and get revenge

what reason does Brutus give for murdering Caesar? what is the crowds reaction

he wanted to free everyone from Caesar's tyranny
They are happy

what final mistake does Brutus make in letting Antony speak?

Brutus leaves

why does antony read Caesar's will to the people

he spread his fortune out to all the roman people

at the end of act 3 scene 2, what are the fates of Brutus and Cassius?

they are driven from Rome

what is the significance of act 3 scene 3?

antony has turned the emotional crowd into a mob crazed destruction

what are antony, octavius, and lepidus doing at the opening of act 4 scene 1

they are planning on how to maintain power.

why do they want caesar's will?what is ironic about this

it has all of his wealth.
the money is to fight brutus and cassius

what is antony's plan for Lepidus? what is his reason

he believes Lepidus to be trianed to make him do whatever antony wants him to

what practical instructions does brutus give Cassius about their disagreement? what is unusual about this

dont fight in front of your army
they are no longer friends

what wrong does Cassius say Brutus has done to him

he publicly discaces Lucius Pella

in response, what does Brutus condemn Cassius for doing

being greedy

what does Cassius threaten to do if Brutus continues to "urge" him

to kill him

according to bruts how hass cassius wronged him? what is ironic about Brutus' accusation\?

by being greedy
because he killed someone

to prove that he has been wronged, what does Cassius tell Brutus to do to him

cassius gives brutus his dagger to kill him

what is the real reason for brutus' ill tmeper

portia's deat, hes afraid that the conspiring was becoming corrupt

messala beings what ill news of the triumvirate's actions in rome

they put over 100 centuares to death.
tells about poria and caccero being dead

what reasons does cassius give for not going directly to Philliphi

their forces shall remain while their forces march here and waste their energy

what reasons does brutus give for going directly to phillipi? who previals?

so mar antony and octavian will gain more forces

what happens to make brutus speed up his plans to go to phillipi

he sees caesar's ghost. he says " ill see you at phillipi"

what hope does octavius and antony is answered? what dies this say about brutus

the armies of Brutus and Cassius came to them

what does cassius mean by the following statement? "Flatterers! Now, Brutus thank yourself; this tonge had not offended so today/ if cassius might have ruled"

if brutus had listened to cassius, they wouldnt even be in Phillipi

what ominous sign has cassius seen that causes him to fear the coming battle

eagles, them there were crows and vultures; birds of death

what does brutus say he will do if they lose the battle? why is he reluctant to do this?

He would rather die then go back to rome as a prisoner.
he sees it as vile and cowardly

what horriblemistake does cassius make? what is the outcome of this mistake?

he thought he sent titinious to his death.
Cassius orders pendorus to kill him.

what is titineous' reaction to cassius' actions

he mourns cassius. then kills himself

what is brutus's response to cassius and titinius' actions

he cries that caesar has reaped revenge on his murderers from the grave

what role does lucilius take upon himself? what was antony's response to his masquerade

he pretends to be Brutus and has himself be captured
he says he is a brave man and takes him in

what request does brutus make of Clitus? what is his response

to kill him
he refuses

what does brutus ask Volumnius to do? what reasons does he give?what is Volumnius' response?

to kill him
he sees caesar's ghost
a friend should not do that job

what does Strato do for brutus? what does strato ask brutus to do first? why?

kills him
shake his hand
out of honor

what overature of peace does Octavius make to Brutus' men

join my service and all will be forgiven

how do antony and octavius honor brutus?

full burial rights
Brutus was "Noblest of all men"

Brutus calls cassius " the last of the romans"


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