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  1. Primitive
  2. Burial
  3. Essential
  4. Hemisphere
  5. To retain
  1. a a half of the Earth
  2. b extremely important and necessary
  3. c an unsophisticated person
  4. d the act or ceremony of burying a dead person in a grave
  5. e to continue to have or use (something) : keep

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  1. the parts that form a living thing (such as an animal or plant)
  2. a tropical or subtropical grassland, a large flat area of land with grass and very few trees
  3. to move from one country or place to live or work in another
  4. large animals (such as elephants and tigers) that are hunted for sport
  5. to move faster : to gain speed

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  1. Manufactureto make (something) usually in large amounts by using machines


  2. Infirmhaving a condition of weakness or illness that usually lasts for a long time and is caused especially by old age


  3. Ancestorsone of the people from whom a person is descended


  4. Climatean unsophisticated person


  5. Extinctionthe state or situation that results when type of plant or animal has died out completely


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