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  1. To radiate
  2. Burial
  3. Homo sapiens
  4. To tame
  5. To accelerate
  1. a the act or ceremony of burying a dead person in a grave
  2. b to go out in a direct line from a central point or area
  3. c to move faster : to gain speed
  4. d not wild : trained to obey people
  5. e the species of human beings that exist today

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  1. to continue to have or use (something) : keep
  2. bipedal primate mammals comprising recent humans together with extinct ancestral and related forms
  3. to make (something) usually in large amounts by using machines
  4. extremely important and necessary
  5. a region with particular weather patterns or conditions

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  1. To inventto create or produce (something useful) for the first time


  2. Adaptationthe state or situation that results when type of plant or animal has died out completely


  3. Endeavorone of the people from whom a person is descended


  4. Scavengeto search for food to eat


  5. Dinosaursone of the people from whom a person is descended