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  1. To retain
  2. Upright
  3. Savannas
  4. Exhibit
  5. Big-game
  1. a to show or reveal (something)
  2. b large animals (such as elephants and tigers) that are hunted for sport
  3. c positioned to be straight up : vertical
  4. d a tropical or subtropical grassland, a large flat area of land with grass and very few trees
  5. e to continue to have or use (something) : keep

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  1. bipedal primate mammals comprising recent humans together with extinct ancestral and related forms
  2. having a condition of weakness or illness that usually lasts for a long time and is caused especially by old age
  3. the parts that form a living thing (such as an animal or plant)
  4. a natural subdivision of a plant stem
  5. of or relating to the current or most recent period

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  1. Dinosaursone of many reptiles that lived on Earth millions of years ago


  2. Scavengeto search for food to eat


  3. To accelerateto move faster : to gain speed


  4. Adaptationa change in a plant or animal that makes it better able to live in a particular place or situation


  5. To tamenot wild : trained to obey people