AP US History - Chapter 6 Review

What type of government was established by our founders?
What was the american republican goverment intended to be the exact opposite of?
What was this american republican government built upon?
What was the balance that our founders struggled between?
social order
What was the time period called from 1781 to 1789?
Critical Period
Why was the time period between 1781 and 1789 called the Critical Period?
experiment could have failed
Who leads the country in a Republic?
Person elected
Other than moving away from a monarchy, what other aristocratic behaviors did America wish to remove?
titles of nobility
What refers to the eldest son inheriting everything?
What law didn't allow property to be divided, sold or given away to someone other than the eldest son?
Why did Americans dislike primogeniture and entail?
Too aristocratic
What was one heredity organization that some veterans did join?
Cincinnati Society
What were some members of the Cincinnati Society?
Henry Knox, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton
What was the criticism of the Cincinnati Society?
countered republicanism
What republican practice regarding voting did many states move toward?
made it easier to vote
Why did many states move their capitals west?
so they could include everyone
What republican practice regarding religion became common?
ending state religions
What was the new name of the Church of England in America?
Episcopalian Church
Who wrote "Virginia Statue of Religous Freedom" in 1786?
Thomas Jefferson
What did Jefferson advocate in the writing of "Virginia Statue of Religous Freedom" ?
Religious freedom
What hypocrisies existed under American Republicanism?
no equality for women and slaves
What quaker leader became outspoken against slavery before the revolution?
John Woolman
Who was the black astronomer and mathematician?
Benjamin Banneker
Who was the first black poet?
Phillis Wheatly
What was the first anti-slavery society in America?
Society for the relief of free negroes
What was the second anti-slavery society in America?
The manumission society
What does manumission mean?
In the north, did free blacks have equality with whites?
Who formed the significant church for black Americans?
Richard Allen
What was Richard Allen's second denomination created in 1814?
The African Methodist Episcopal Church
What republican practice did some men practice regarding there family?
treated them better
What concept stated that women should instill values into their families?
Republican Motherhood
What did Republican Motherhood lead to?
female academies
What legal phrase refers to the wives' rights being merged with their husbands?
Feme Covert
What state was the first to allow for femal suffrage?
New Jersey
Why did New Jersey repeal women's suffrage in 1807?
close election
What phrase refers to women and slaves waiting for equal rights?
postponing full liberty
In 1776, what did states creat that replaced colonial charters?
State constitutions
What did the eight state constitutions include (to protect against tyrants)?
bill of rights
What Virginian became the most vocal advocate of a bill of rights?
George Mason
Who wrote Massachusetts' constitution?
John Adams
What phrase in their preamble will later be found in the US Constitution?
We the people
How did politicians begin to change during this time?
less educated and wealthy
What is ther association of sovereign states?
a confederation
Who was the chief architect of the articles of confederation?
John Dickinson
Where did most of the power lie in the confederation?
With the states
People feared a strong central government/ leader under the articales, how many houses were there?
One, unicameral
How many votes did each state receive?
how many delegates could each state send to congress?
from 2 to 7
Who was the president?
there wasn't one
Was there a supreme court?
Who handled legal cases?
the states
could congress tax?
no, they could only ask states to contribute money
what was this state contribution called?
How was the articles of confederation to be amended?
all 13 states had to agree
what were the 7 states called that claimed western land all the way to the ocean?
what were landlocked states called?
what did the landless states do to protest their lack of land?
they refused to adopt articles of confederation
What was the final state to ratify the Articles?
what act created a system of new townships in the northwest?
The Land Ordinance of 1785
What did congress do with this northwestern land?
sold it to the public
Why didn't many people buy the land?
they couldn't pay in hard currency
What act did congress pass in 1787 in order to create a process for new states in the northwest?
The northwest territory
Whow many new states were created in the northwest territory?
between 3 and 5
once an area reached 5000 citizens, what could they do?
become a territory
once an area reched 60,000 citizens what could they do?
apply for statehood
what did this act outlaw in the northwest territory?
what mountain divide allowed settlers to migrate to the southwest territory?
The Cuberland Gap
Who was one of the first settlers to reach Kentucky?
Daniel Boone
What were the two proposed names that were rejected for land west of the appalachians?
Transylvania and Franklin
What shape was the US economy during the 1780s?
poor shape
What is the term for hard currency (gold/silver)?
What could congress do to alleviate this situation?
nothing, they couldn' t tax
What was the group that advocated a stronger central government?
What was the Impost of 1781?
Congress could callect 5% import tax
Did the Impost of 1781 pass?
no, only 12 states accepted it
During the Critical Period, the US had foreign affairs problems with what four countries/ people?
Britain, Spain, France, and the Barbary Pirates
Why was Britain upset with the US?
The US wasn't forciny Americans to repay debts
What could congress do to make the states force the citizens to pay back debt?
nothing, they were powerless
What was Britains reaction to Americans not repaying debt?
Britain refused to evacuate their troops
What could congress do to stop Redcoats?
Why did the US and Spain have disagreements?
Spain closed Mississippi River to Americans
Why was closing the Mississippi such a big deal?
It was the only link that Western farmers had to the world market
What was the treaty that would allowSpain to control the Mississippi River for 25 years in return for opening up new Spanish markets for american merchants?
The Jay-Gardoqui Treaty
Who did The Jay-Gardoqui Treaty hurt?
Western Farmers
Who did The Jay-Gardoqui Treaty help?
eastern merchants
What did congress do in return of the proposal of The Jay-Gardoqui Treaty?
The refused to ratify The Jay-Gardoqui Treaty
What problems did the US have with France?
France demanded repayment of war loans and restricted US trade with west indies
What were the pirates called in North Africa?
The Barbary Pirates
What did the Barbary Pirates do to the US sailors?
they kidnapped them for ransom
What do the following describe?
-congress met irregularly
-some stateds didn't send delegates to congress
-there was no permanent capital
weaknesses of the confederation