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Chapter 3: Transmission Basics and Networking Media

Fiber-optic cable networks can span much longer distances than copper-based networks before requiring repeaters because:
[x]they use wavelength division multiplexing.
[ ]their signals never require amplification.
[ ]they are resistant to noise such as EMI.
[ ]their signals do not suffer degradation no matter how small the cable's bend radius.
Which of the following decimal numbers corresponds to the binary number 00001001?
A form of transmission in which signals are modulated as radio frequency (RF) analog waves that use different frequency ranges.
In modulation, a simple wave called a(n) ____ wave, is combined with another analog signal to produce a unique signal that gets transmitted from one node to another.
The maximum distance a signal can travel and still be interpreted accurately is equal to a segment's maximum length.
A digital signal composed of a pulse of positive voltage represents a(n) ____.
Modern LANs use ____ or higher wiring.
Cat 5
In what part of a structured cabling system would you find users' desktop computers?
Work Area
Many network problems can be traced to poor cable ____ techniques.
The serial interface on the back of the connectivity device is often labeled "____."
Technology used to modify analog signals to make them suitable for carrying data over a communication path.
Data Modulation
You are helping to install a cable broadband system in your friend's home. She wants to bring the signal from where the service provider's cable enters the house to a room on another floor, which means you have to attach a new cable to the existing one. What type of cable should this be?
The data transmission characteristic most frequently discussed and analyzed by networking professionals is ____.
The byte 00001110 means ____ on a digital network.
Latency occurs when a signal traveling on one wire or cable infringes on the signal traveling over an adjacent wire or cable.
False (Crosstalk)
Part of the network that does not contain end nodes.
Unpopulated Segment
Which standard is also known as structured cabling?
TIA/EIA Commercial Building Wiring Standard
Which term describes the hardware that makes up the enterprise-wide cabling system?
Cable Plant
____ is a technology used with fiber-optic cable, which enables one fiber-optic connection to carry multiple light signals simultaneously.
WDM (wavelength division multiplexing)
A common source of noise.
EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)