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While testing a prototype of a wheelchair lift, Tonya discovers a performance error before it swings the wheelchair inside the door. What is her next step to solve the problem?
A. Communicate results
B. Choose another idea
C. Modify the prototype
D. Research materials used
C. Modify the prototype
Identifying both desired elements and limitations of a product or system is called:
A. requirements
B. resources
C. recommendations
D. risks
A. requirements
If a product does not meet the established criteria during production, issues related to its:
A. designs must be investigated.
B. ergonomics must be investigated.
C. quality control must be investigated.
D. regulations must be investigated.
C. quality control must be investigated
Designing a vehicle within its given budget, tthe design team eliminated several features based on the original design. What is the relationship between criteria and constraints?
A. Enhancing
B. Competing
C. Eliminating
D. Complimenting
B. Competing
When testing electric motors, students discovered that when the input power increased, the speed of the motor shafts (rpm) increased. Which graphical representations would best enable the students to systematically examine this relationship?
A. Bar Chart
B. Line Graph
C. Pie Chart
D. Scatter Plot
B. Line Graph
When refining a design, which method would yield information to improve the efficiency of the design?
A. Computer simulations
B. Working drawings
C. Design constraints
D. Consumer preference
A. computer simulations
Which design constraints are likely to compete with each other when designing a fuel cell for a rocket?
A. Color and material choice
B. Programming and ease of use
C. Weight and power output
D. Warranty and radioactivity
C. Weight and power output
When solving design problems it is important to clearly understand the problem. To accomplish this it is important to:
A. solve the problem.
B. define the problem.
C. classify the problem.
D. select the problem.
B. define the problem
A design team is making a new container for milk, and the customer needs the container to be 9" tall exactly. The size specification is considered a:
A. criteria
B. constraint
C. limitation
D. function
A. criteria
The class races their electric cars that they built. A tape measure is glued to the floor between the lanes. Ali videotapes the races. Whitney looked at the videos and recorded the position, by the tape, of each car in each frame, so she could plot their speed on a graph. What program should she use to record the data?
A. Word
B. PowerPoint
C. Excel
D. Publisher
C. excel
A new office building has been planned and will be built in sunny, Phoenix, AZ. The roof will have a three foot overhang and the exterior walls will be constructed using twelve inch adobe brick. The design features of this building have been established based on:
A. financial conditions.
B. environmental conditions.
C. enterprise conditions.
D. usage conditions.
B. environmental conditions
A focus group usually consists of groups of 5-7 people that are surveyed. The data collected from a focus group should be considered:
A. factual
B. opinion
C. bias
D. fair
B. opinion
A problem-solving process that is used to generate ideas, model, test, and communicate new products and processes is called a(n):
A. engineering design process
B. marketing design process
C. assessing design process
D. research design process
A. engineering design process
Considering the given criteria and constraints, competing factors that will jeopardize the product's efficiency will require a:
A. budget
B. specification
C. spin-off
D. trade-off
D. trade-off
Before a design solution can be refined, it should first be:
A. processed
B. sketched
C. marketed
D. tested
A. process
Many airplanes are constructed largely out of aluminum even though steel is a stronger material. This is an example of:
A. choosing a more economical solution.
B. designing for recycling.
C. optimizing design trade-offs.
D. developing a simple manufacturing system.
C. optimizing design trade-offs
Many airplanes are constructed largely out of aluminum even though steel is a stronger material. This is an example of:
A. choosing a more economical solution.
B. designing for recycling.
C. optimizing design trade-offs.
D. developing a simple manufacturing system.
C. optimizing design trade-offs
A technology club completed an entry for the video promotional competition, and is required to present it to the judges to explain the process used to create it. Which design process step will the club complete?

A. Brainstorming
B. Make a prototype
C. Define the problem
D. Communicate the results
D. communicate the results
There are many scientific concepts that are used by engineers and designers. Which of the following would NOT be one of these concepts?
A. Melting point of steel
B. Tensile strength of a wood beam
C. Mass of an aluminum bolt
D. Colors that match green
D. colors that match green
The engineering design process is a series of steps that are:

A. critical
B. linear
C. optional
D. iterative
D. iterative
A speed boat is not permitted to go faster than 100 knots in a lake. Therefore, the company decides to redesign the throttle so it can only go 95 knots. This would be an example of a:
A. constraint
B. criteria
C. trade-off
D. design challenge
A. constraint
A design team finally developed a new product that will have significant impacts on the safety of space travel. The best way for them to communicate their findings is to:
A. put an article in the newspaper.
B. produce a commercial on the radio.
C. write an article for a "science" journal.
D. purchase space on a billboard.
C. write an article for a "science" journal
The general requirements and limitations that are incorporated into the design of a structure are known as:
A. creativity and innovation.
B. form and function.
C. criteria and constraints.
D. marketability and safety.
C. criteria and constraints
Which step of the engineering design process would use a graph to communicate the results?
A. Defining a problem
B. Exploring possibilities
C. Making a prototype
D. Evaluating the design
D. evaluating the design
The process used to make a design or system as effective or efficient as possible.
A. Optimization
B. Complex systems
C. Nuclear Energy
D. Divergent thinking
A. optimization
The purpose of a case study when conducting problem-solving research is to:
A. select an appropriate solution to a problem.
B. document where and how others have made mistakes in solving a problem.
C. make sure the designer has not stolen other's solutions or ideas.
D. assess the current understanding of a problem.
D. assess the current understanding of a problem
Which of the following must be clearly defined?
A. Design problems
B. Product test results
C. Product research
D. Product drawings
A. design problems
A wise designer should realize:
A. every problem has a technological solution.
B. all designs have multiple problems and solutions.
C. it does not matter who addresses the problem, as long as it is addressed.
D. it is inappropriate to address some design problems
D. it is an inappropriate to address some design problems
What type of conceptual drawing would best illustrate how to put an entertainment center together?
A. Pictorial drawing
B. Orthographic drawing
C. Systems drawing
D. Design drawing
A. pictorial drawing
The requirements for a product to function efficiently is called:
A. The trade-offs
B. The impacts
C. The collaborations
D. The criteria
D. the criteria
A group of students are developing ideas for a new video game console system. At which point in the design process should they discuss regarding each design before making a prototype?
A. Selecting the best solution
B. Conducting a problem analysis
C. Brainstorming and research
D. Creating technical drawings
A. selecting the best soltuion
High school students are developing a Technology Education website to educate the local community about the school's Engineering Design program. Which question is most likely to be asked in the problem analysis phase of the engineering design process?
A. Who will be viewing the web site?
B. How will the success of the web site be measured?
C. What does the community need to know about the program?
D. Are both sides of an issue included in the website?
C. what does the community need
A linear (straight forward) approach to develop a product will predict which of the following outcomes?
A. Each phase is addressed independently, one step at a time.
B. The phases overlap and are addressed at the same time.
C. There is no organized process.
D. Each phase is optional wherein the sequence of the process changes each time.
A. each phase is addressed independently, one step at a time
When looking at the front view of a visual object in an orthographic drawing, the missing dimension from the view would be the:
A. thickness.
B. width.
C. depth.
D. height.
C. depth
Which activity occurs first in the design process?
A. Applying for a patent and marketing
B. Researching similar products
C. Building the prototype
D. Communicating test results
B. building the prototype
The advancement of scientific knowledge is promoted by using:
A. the tools of technology and engineering.
B. mythology as a starting point for explaining the natural world.
C. traditions handed down from past generations.
D. aesthetics and its effect on the marketability of the product.
A. the tools of technology and engineering
The process used to maximize the function, market appeal, and safety of a new technology is referred to as:
A. Risk analysis
B. optimization
C. specifications
D. transfer
B. optimization
Part of the design process is to select an approach to use when choosing a final product to produce. Which approach is LEAST important to make a reliable decision?A. ask experts what they think
B. Randomly choose the best three ideas
C. Build prototypes of the final ideas
D. Run a test on the computer
B. randomly choose the best three ideas
What is the last step in the design process?
A. Developing a working prototype
B. Patenting the product
C. Reporting the progress of the project
D. Presenting the solution
D. presenting the solution
A newly constructed bridge was inspected to evaluate the load capacity of the bridge. During the inspection, fatigue cracks and stress fractures were discovered on the deck and supports. After reviewing the original plans, it was discovered the bridge was not built to original specifications (requirements). What did the engineers most likely ignore when designing the bridge?
A. Planning and developing
B. Criteria and constraints
C. Testing the bridge
D. Safety procedures
B. criteria and constraints
Which step in the design process utilizes information gathered during the testing of products to present findings to stakeholders?
A. Developing a working prototype
B. Patenting the product?
C. Planning the presentation
D. Communicating the results
D. communicating the results
An engineer designing a laptop is told the device should be convenient to carry. This is likely to affect the design process, creating constraints on:
A. size and weight
B. handle features
C. processor speed
D. applications and functions
A. size and weight
The criteria and constraints of a product or system and the determination of how they affect the final design and development are called:
A. requirements
B. resources
C. recommendations
D. risks
A. requirements
When making a design proposal it is critical to explain all of the following EXCEPT:
A. function of the product.
B. purpose of the product.
C. purpose of the product.
D. original brainstorming list.
D. original brainstorming list