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Perio III Exam I

How can you tell an "Active pocket"
attachment/bone loss & spontaneous bleeding
Three reasons for surgical pocket therapy
provide access to remove residual calculus
create a stable/maintainable state
promote regeneration
What is the most important factor for determining if a pocket is progressive?
Level of attachment! (We want to examine he apical displacement of attachment and not the increase in PD)
When should you never perform perio surgery?
When the gums are highly inflamed OR when the periodontitis is minimal. (moderate and up is ok)
What are the 4 critical zones of pocket therapy?
Soft tissue wall
Tooth surface
Underlying bone
attached gingiva
List two disadvantages of non-surgical therapy
Incomplete root preparation, root damage from over instrumentation, time consuming and limited access/regen (any 2)
The indications for periodontal surgery are (5)
1 Areas with irregular bony contours
2 pockets that do not allow adequate debridement
3 Grade 2 or 3 furcation involvement
4 Intrabony pockets distal to terminal molars
5 Persistent inflammation in areas of moderate to deep pockets
When planning an incision on narrow attached gingiva, which incision type should be used?
internal bevel
When planning an incision on wide attached gingiva, which incision type should be used?
Collar of tissue
T/F the routine use of prophylactic antibiotics in healthy patients is not warranted when grafting
T/F Ibuprofen before an appointment is an okay idea
What should your patient do before the appointment?
Rinse with peridex
Your patient quits smoking before your gum surgery. When can he smoke again?
4 weeks.
T/F Anticoagulants and hypertension are contraindications to perio surgery
What is in the historical periodontal dressing pack?
What is in a non eugenol pack?
What is the fungicide inside the CoE Pak?
What is the antibiotic in the CoE-pak?
T/F the coe-pak contains coconut
A Schluger isn't a pistol it's a ....
bone file
T/F Horizontal defects are conducive to regeneration
False. Use resective
Speaking of horizontal incisions, when would you use an external bevel
When would you use an internal bevel
Modified Widman
What does an internal bevel incision do?
Removes pocket epithelium
When would you use a sulcular incision?
What instrument would you use to do a horizontal collar releasing incision?
Surgical curette or Orban
You're exploring the edentulous ridge of a patient looking for bony defects. What incision do you use?
You're starting a vertical incision. Where do you make your cut?
Made at the line angle of the tooth (NOT mid papilla or mid tooth)
T/F envelope flaps have vertical release?
What instrument is used for a full thickness flap?
Periosteal elevator
What is the difference between a full and partial thickness flap?
Full thickness includes the periosteum
T/F use a #15 blade if you want to do a partial thickness flap
What is 1 advantage of a partial thickness flap
it is more moveable without the periosteum
When might you do an apically positioned flap?
Resective surgery for pocket reduction, crown lengthening.
Two objectives of osseous surgery
Reduce perio pocket depth
Produce gingival morphology that mimics normal to facilitate OH
Three indications for Osseous surgery
Reduction of ledges, exotoses and tori
Reduction of SHALLOW bony defects
Enhance flap placement and adaptation
Increase clinical crown length
If designing a flap in a deep palatal vault, where do you make your incision?
At the level of the base of the pocket
If designing a flap in a shallow palatal vault, where do you make your incision?
Close to the gingival margin
Recession in the anterior sextant creates what
Black triangles
The shape of the interdental radicular bone of anterior teeth is
The average distance from CEJ to furcation on maxillary molars ranges from
What type of incision is done for open flap debridement?
Sulcular incision
For open flap debridement, do you need a full or partial thickness flap?
Full thickness
Which procedure "buy's time" for a tooth with poor prognosis and horizontal bone loss?
Two contraindications for OFD
Graftable vertical defects (regenerate instead)
Irregular bony architecture
T/F one disadvantage of OFD is that it often results in incomplete pocket removal
In OFD you don't touch the bone. If there is a bony defect left after you do an OFD, what happens during healing?
Recession or pocket formation!
What is the purpose of a modified widman flap
Expose the interdental tooth surface
You're doing an APF. What type of incision and flap do you want?
Inverse bevel, full or partial thickness
Which flap procedure eliminates or reduces pockets?
APF and distal wedge
There are many ways to do a gingivectomy, when it is done for esthetics what tool do you need?
A blade
What type of incision do you want to do for a gingivectomy if you have minimal keratinized gingiva?
Internal bevel
What type of incision do you want to do for a gingivectomy if you have plenty of keratinized gingiva?
External bevel
If you're doing an gingivectomy and using the external bevel incision is there need for sutures or flap?
When is healing for a gingivectomy completed
5-14 days
For regenerative procedures what two types of incisions do you want? What kind of flap?
Sulcular and midcrestal, Full thickness
Extensive ________ may compromise tooth support
Extensive _________ may cause dehiscence
What four factors govern the quantity of supporting bone removed by ostectomy
Depth of defect
M-D width of interproximal area
A/P tooth location
Thickness of alveolar bone
T/F After osseous surgery, shallow pockets may have attachment LOSS while modest pockets will have attachment GAIN