CDL Hazmat

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in order to transport hazardous material which require placards
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What is the shape and size of a placard?10 3/4 inch square or diamondCan't park hazmat vehicle within how many feet of a fire?300 feetHazardous Materials that don't allow you to park within 5 feet of road?Explosives A and BA placard vehicle must have at least how many placards?fourIf hauling hazmat and you have a leaking tire you must?Stop at safe place and repairWhen fueling a placard vehicle someone must always be?At the nozzle controlling the flowwhat type of extinguisher is required in the power unit of a placard vehicle.A U.I rating of 10 B/c or aboveHazmat class name or id number may not be used to describe a?Non hazardous materialAfter a hazmat accident you should first do?send someone for help and warn othersA placard on the trailer is intended to?Communicate risk or hazmatHow many identical placards is a vehicle hauling hazmat required to display and where?four. one on front and back and one on each sideThe basic shipment of a hazmat product must include?proper shipping name, hazmat class and id numberif X or RQ is in the HM column of a shipping paper entry the?shipment is regulated by hazmat regulationsWhat placard must be used with inhalation hazmat load?PoisonWhich of the statements bout Radioactive labels is true?Yellow III indicates the highest level of radioactivityWhen transporting hazmat and non hazmat your bills must?Describe hazmat first. Hazmat highlighted. Id materials by X or RQ in HM column.On the Hazmat table column 1 shows?to what shipping mode the information on the line appliesIf the hazmat is classified as FORBIDDEN you should?Refuse the loadThe hazmat waste manifest should be?Tabbed differently and kept on top of all other paperworkYou should never transport a package labeled poison if you are hauling?Food productswhen a spill of an RQ happens the carrier has how long to report spill?30 dayscylinders containing compressed gases may only be loaded onto a vehicle without a flat floor or platform if cylinders are?In boxes that will keep them from turning over. Loaded into racks attached to vehicle. Loaded in an upright or horizontal position.if load requires placard what must shipper put on package?The required label. The hazmat shipping name and id number. Name and address of shipper or is acceptable to use placard with DANGEROUS if?you load less then 5000 pounds or specified materials at one place. You have two or more specified materials which total more than 1000 ponds.responsible for packaging, labeling and preparing hazmat shipping paper is?The shipperwhat is a false statement about loading and unloading cargo tanks?The person in attendance must be within 50 feet of the tanker.How many different Hazard classes are there?9materials class listed FORBIDDEN so what kinds of materials are you allowed to haul?You can't haul FORBIDDEN cargo and nothingHazard class that you are not allowed to smoke around?Oxidizers. Flammables. Explosives,A hazard class name or id number may not be used to describe what?Non hazmat materialsA safe haven is defined as what?A government approved place for parking vehicles loaded with explosives.When transporting explosives, flammable liquid or flammable gas you may not?Use cargo heaters.Tankers used to transport hazmat on vehicles must be marked with?The hazmat id number of product.When should the placards be placed on a vehicle?Before you drive it.RQ identifies what?Re-portable QuantityPlacard vehicles must stop how far from railroads?15 to 50 feetA placard must be?3 inches away from any other markingsyou should turn off your engine when loading flammable liquid unless?The material does not need a placard.A segregation and separation chart indicates what?Products that can't be loaded together in same trailer.Hazard class of all materials specifies what?The risks associated with the materialswhen transporting compressed gases you must?Secure the cylinders in boxes or racks or brace flat.shipping papers must be kept where when driving?Within reach at all timesin column 1 the D symbol means what?Domestic Transportationwhat placard must be used with inhalation hazard load?Poisontransporting explosives where can you not stop?5 feet of road. 300 feet of a tunnel. near a fire.after loading hazmat in cargo tank what must you do?close all manholes and valves and be sure they are free of leakshow many type of placards are there showing dot specifications?31A transport index relates to products that are what?Radioactivehauling explosives 1.1 and 1.3 what placard do you use?explosives 1.1At what time is it required for driver to haveWhen carrying chlorine.spills exceeding the RQ must be reported to who?DOT and EPAEntries in Hazmat materials Table are shown in?Alphabetical order by proper shippingdrivers must have what in there possession while transporting class a or b explosives?The written route planwhen transporting class a or b explosives carriers must give each driver what?A copy of FMCSR part 397product ID markings on a tank must be?Black 4 numbers on orange panelsdriver that hauls hazmat must attend training when?Every 3 yearsWhat appears first on hazmat shipping paper?The identification numberThe shipper must attach a diamond shaped label to hazmat by?Putting label on package. Putting label on tag attached to product. Putting a label on product.When transporting hazmat waste you must?Have the word WASTE before the name on bills. Sign a uniform Hazmat waste manifest. Carry a uniform hazmat waste manifest.When a substance in the materials table is written in italics it means?it's not the proper shipping name. Only those in regular type are proper.A vehicle placard for division 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 explosives.May be left unattended in a safe havenproduct id numbers must appear on each side and both ends of a tank containing what?Hazmat exceeding 1000 gallonswhich signals maybe used to warn of stopped vehicles that contain explosives?Flares or fusees. Reflective triangles. Signal fires.Radioactive II and Radioactive III are located from people and cargo space walls by referring to?The transport index and the separation distances tables.whenever your vehicle is placarded do not drive near open fires unless you what?Can safely pass the fire without stopping.An A/W in the first column of hazmat table means?This material is only restricted when shipped by air and or watershipping papers must always be kept where when behind the wheel and seat belt on?within reach at all times. In pouch on drivers door.On the hazmat table column 1 shows?to what shipping mode the information on that line appearsYou must have placards for explosives, poison gas or flammables exceeding what?Any amountif the words INHALATION HAZARD appear on the shipping papers you need?Placard designating a poison.