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  1. cases regarding caveat subscriptor
  2. Case regarding undue influence
  3. Voidable
  4. how does mistake make contract void
  5. what renders a contract void
  1. a valid & binding but innocent party entitled to repudiate (cancel)
  2. b Preller v Jordaan (donation of 4 farms to a doctor,Jordaan only recovered one farm because the doctrine of restitutio integrum does not affect third parties not party to the original contract)
  3. c common+material, uni+material+reasonableness, mutual+material+reasonableness
  4. d mistake
  5. e Dlovo v Brian Porter Motors Ltd (misleading other party as to the nature/content of document) AND Spindrifter(Pty) Ltd v Lester Donovan (failure to point out crucial terms of the contract (iustus error))

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  1. misrep, undue influence, duress
  2. let the signatory beware
  3. Nature of the contract
  4. type of term in which one party guarantees the truth of a particular statement made
  5. someone says that he/she believes a particular state of affairs to exist without stating that it does, must genuinely believe this

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  1. Remedy for voidunjustified enrichment


  2. remedies for misreprestutio integrum but if fraudulent/negligent,claim financial damages


  3. Material mistakemistaken party would have chosen not to enter into the contract at all had he known the true state of affairs


  4. common mistakeboth parties mistaken but on different facts


  5. Incidental misrepincidental if innocent party would still have entered into the contract albeit on different terms