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  1. requirements for duress
  2. Statement of opinion
  3. Puffs
  4. unilateral mistake
  5. Causal misrep
  1. a only one party is mistaken
  2. b misrep induces a contract
  3. c exaggerated statements usually made by a sales person or a seller, may be express or implied
  4. d not trivial, reasonable test, threats at financial and business interests
  5. e someone says that he/she believes a particular state of affairs to exist without stating that it does, must genuinely believe this

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  1. valid & binding but innocent party entitled to repudiate (cancel)
  2. misrep, undue influence, duress
  3. unjustified enrichment
  4. common, unilateral and mutual
  5. incidental if innocent party would still have entered into the contract albeit on different terms

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  1. which misrep make contract not voidablemisrep, undue influence, duress


  2. reasonable mistakeexists in the minds of both parties


  3. what renders a contract voidmisrep, undue influence, duress


  4. error negotioSubject-matter of the contract


  5. remedies for misrepunjustified enrichment