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  1. common mistake
  2. Misrepresentation
  3. how does mistake make contract void
  4. Void
  5. error negotio
  1. a Nature of the contract
  2. b false statement of fact(express/silently) made by one party to the other party before or at the time the contract is entered into, allow innocent party to cancel or claim damages
  3. c common+material, uni+material+reasonableness, mutual+material+reasonableness
  4. d doesnt exist because of legal nullity
  5. e exists in the minds of both parties

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  1. someone says that he/she believes a particular state of affairs to exist without stating that it does, must genuinely believe this
  2. misrep induces a contract
  3. restitutio in integrum
  4. type of term in which one party guarantees the truth of a particular statement made
  5. 1.Property with peculiar characteristics which seller knows will disincline people from buying 2. where statement was true the time it was made but no longer true the time the contract is entered into

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  1. undue influenceOne party threatens or intimidates the other party into entering into the contract


  2. Voidabledoesnt exist because of legal nullity


  3. unilateral mistakeonly one party is mistaken


  4. remedies for misrepunjustified enrichment


  5. Types of mistakescommon, unilateral and mutual