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The anaconda plan
War plan drafted by Winfield Scott. Plans goal was to slowly strangle the south by blockading southern port cities
The first battle of Manassas/ bull run
1st major battle of civil war. crushed all romantic notions about war, ended the fantasy of a short, bloodless war, and exposed need for more troops in the North and South
Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson
confederate general who saved the south during the wars first major battle. His men stood firm and didn't retreat. Shot to death by his own men accidentally after the battle of chancellorsville
George B. McClellan
Union general known for his desire to become POTUS. ran against lincoln in 1864.
Robert E. Lee
commander of army of northern Virginia. highest ranking general in the confederate army
the battle of antietam
major battle of the civil war that occurred on Sept. 17th, 1862. Bloodiest day in American history. results encouraged Lincoln to free slaves
the emancipation proclamation
law that took effect Jan. 1st 1862. freed slaves in areas of open rebellion against the union
the 54th Massachusetts infantry
their participation helped save the Union. They were transformed from slaves into soldiers, provided Union with fresh soldiers
the copperheads
knick-name for northern peace democrats. wanted to end war and negotiate peace with the confedeeracy
the battle of Vicksburg
last confederate port city on the Mississippi river. fell to the Union July 4th, 1863, thus cutting the confederacy in half
Ulysses S. Grant
Union general that took Vicksburg and given command of army of Potomac
The Battle of Gettysburg
Major turning point in the war. lasted 3 days July 1st through 3rd 1863. South lost a lot of it's manpower, which ended its ability to invade North
Picketts Charge
Infantry assault by General Robert E. Lee against general meade's union positions on cemetery ridge july 3rd 1863
lincolns Gettysburg Address
Nov. 19th 1863. Highlighted reason our government existed, what the war was about, and what ppl had to do to protect the government
William Tecumseh Sherman
Union general who waged total war against South. Drove his troops from Tennessee to the port city of Savannah, Georgia in 3 large columns 20min apart
total warfare
Warfare that encourages soldiers to wage war against men, women and children. Gives military power to destroy anything that resembles a military necessity
Shermans March to the sea
Purpose of Shermans march was to frighten Georgia's civilian population to abandon confederate cause
The election of 1864
Between Lincoln and challenger George McClellan
Appommattox Courthouse
Site of Robert E. Lee's surrender April 9th, 1865
John Wilkes Booth
American stage actor who shot Lincoln at fords theatre in Washington, DC April 14th, 1865