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Mosquitoes in Mali were annoying and dangerous because they carried malaria the reason why she left the first time in 1983 was because of death and mosquitoes the death of Kay the Peace Corp volunteer
come to a resistant strain of cerebral malaria lapsing into a coma in a bush Taxi the second event was the deaths from hepatitis of a member of the Americans expatriate community
Planes how they wanted to take a different trip to somewhere else but however it got delayed and cancelled because of the Muslim Ramadan
When you study people as anthropologists do by living with them and becoming participants in it as well as observe them and their lives you can't manipulate the people you study have to rely on cooperation usually people will set out setting a particular topic that they want to study however they end up setting a different topic or different people Stephen her husband studied migrant farmers and she studied breastfeeding and weaning practices and child growth Mali is a landlocked country Edge western edge of African continent many different ethnic groups of Mali most populous Santa Bambara subsistence farmers
River surrounds ancient Island City Fortress Djenné mosque
Magnambougou site of research choosen for convenience
When they finished their research they returned to the Indiana University to analyze their data and write dissertations however they were to stay because they did not live like the natives this town was about 15,000 inhabitants who lived in compounds if people were more poor than the poorest Americans but it isn't as shaky town the compounds don't have running water or electricity polygamous marriages and extended families lived in large compounds Miranda was probably the last child to be vaccinated with smallpox do to waho declaring it eradicated in the late 1970s in this particular area measles malaria upper respiratory infections and diarrhea major illnesses of young children may 1982 serious outbreak of measles practically killed every child that year
Heather Katz worked for her to spend gall as unpaid research assistant
Village huts are swept away by rain falls
Her and her assistant when to Magnambougou finish up final of research project in intestinal parasites
bache is a small pickup truck with tailgate removed
And inside of truck built in wooden benches
Toubabs are offered seats next to driver considered more genteel, usually only peace corps or anthropologists regularly rode the baches, it's generally difficult to figure out how much it cost and where it's going
No marked bus stops
Seat next to door was a boy who collect fares and looked out for policemen
Women in Mali don't carry purses
Men have it on their robes and corner of cloth to carry babies for women
Malians love to laugh at Toubabs
Malains like to help those in need
Rules of giving alms,it's best to pick one person and always give something to that person
Another way to attain Grace other than giving Beggars money was to show respect to old women and men respect for elders is a part of daily life when her husband's grandmother visited in 1982 people spontaneously bound and her knees for respect of her age, their go's is Allah
Bamako is capital
She used a veterinary paraitologist at Bamako veterinary lab to analyze the samples of urine for parasites most people helped with the project because they would be getting free testing
4 out of the 68 specimens showed intestinal parasites 2 had Acaris
Malians are Muslim so they don't eat pork
34 of the 68 specimens had eggs for Schistomoa which is black water fever
Parasites burrowed under
Skin around ankles
Malian parents don't usually see children's feces because they go out in the woods
Some in a Bozo tribe thought 1st appearance of red urine is a girls first menarche even though it's really the disease
Her next project was to add children and adults to growth and development and interviews with caretakers about infants feeding
Second trip to Dogo, Bakary had a car accident and they were late to s training session but afterwards
Then they traveled to torokoro a remote village in AMIPJ survey
They measured the people by head male then 1st wife and children then 2nd wife and then children
Islam offically limits 4 wives per male
In the west, wealth tends to flow down the generations, the more children the further a family's income is stretched
However in west Africa and other third world countries wealth flows up generations
In the west we measure success via accumulation of material goods
In Mali man's success in measured in number of children
Human babies are evolved to expect breast feeding for first several years
Co-sleeping with mother and child has shown that the baby with mimic the mothers behavior when while sleeping, Anthropologist James McKenna has found a link between with baby sleeping alone and SIDs
malian babies usually naked and only wear an amulet
The children we confused on her being a toubu and white and speaking bambara
In the United States children who are developmentally delayed and have no known diagnosis are called FLK, funny looking kids
After she was finished with her measurements in Torokoro the village had a drum ceremony
at a town meeting the cheif stated that children who never grow up for the malnutrition was placed in the bush and are gone the next day, though to turn into snakes, thought to be evil spirits
this author seems to have a split between her personal life and her anthropology life in Mali