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Age of Jefferson


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the House of Representatives
The election of 1800 was decided by
judicial review
The Supreme Court reviewing and ruling on acts of other branches of the government is called
The Louisiana Territory was purchased from
What country's independence forced Napoleon Bonaparte to abandon plans for an American empire?
Embargo Act
What Jefferson supported law prohibited exports to other countries?
War Hawks
Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun were known as __________ for their support of war with Great Britain.
Aaron Burr
Who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel in 1804?
Lewis and Clark
The leaders of the exploration of the Louisiana Territory were
neutral rights
According to Thomas Jefferson, a nation not involved in a conflict had
Great Britain
The practice of impressment, or forcing people to serve in the navy, by which country was the target of the Embargo Act?
Baltimore, Maryland
While Francis Scott Key, the author "The Star-Spangled Banner", watched anxiously through the night of September 13-14, the bombardment from Fort McHenry in the _____, harbor successfully prevented British forces from entering the city.
Washington, D.C.
During the War of 1812, the British burned federal buildings in
judicial review
Chief Justice John Marshall set down three principles of __________, including the idea that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.
Republicans charged that the Federalists would bring back the form of government called a (an) __________.
Louisiana Territory
President Jefferson decided that the government's treaty-making powers allowed for the purchase of the entire ___________
Great Britain
In the Spring of 1812, President Madison asked Congress to declare war on __________.
Americans defeated the __________ at the Battle of New Orleans.
War Hawks in the Republican Party advocated for the policies of a strong national government, westward expansion, and a strong navy once held by the __________.
John Marshall
Who was the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court during Jefferson's presidency?
Marbury v. Madison
In what case did the U.S. Supreme Court established the concept of judicial review?
the Embargo Act
What disastrous governmental act was repealed on March 1, 1809?
An important guide for the Lewis and Clark expedition was __________.
Seizing sailors from one ship and forcing them into military service on another is called __________.
William Henry Harrison
Name the general who acquired the nickname "Tippecanoe" after he led troops to victory over Tecumseh at the Battle of Tippecanoe.
Battle of Horseshoe Bend
Andrew Jackson's forces defeated the Red Stick Creek Indians at the
Battle of New Orleans
Andrew Jackson's forces defeated the British at the
Great Britain
The changes in the way goods were made in the mid-1700s (the Industrial Revolution) first appeared in
New England
America's Industrial Revolution first began to take root in
Eli Whitney
Who "invented" the cotton gin?
Convention of 1818
What agreement set the official border between Canada and the United States?
Daniel Webster
Who began his political career as a supporter of free trade and the shipping interests of New England but became a nationalist favoring protective tariffs, internal improvements and compromises to preserve the Union?
Henry Clay
The leader who became known as "The Great Compromiser" was
Monroe Doctrine
Created in 1823, what became an important part of American foreign policy though, at the time, the U.S. lacked the military strength to enforce it?
A __________ gives legal rights to inventors to control the production and sale of their inventions.
Andrew Jackson
__________ led an invasion of Spanish East Florida in 1818 in an attempt to stop Seminole raids across the border.
Second Bank of the United States
The __________ was chartered in 1816 by Congress.
Henry Clay
____________ proposed the American System -- a plan that included a tariff to stimulate the growth of American industries.
During the first half of the 19th century, what was the biggest cause of the increasing rift between the North and the South?
Thomas Jefferson
Who eventually won the election of 1800?
The request in 1819 for the state of __________ to enter the union as a slave state (thus upsetting a balance between free and slave states) caused major sectional and political conflict that was temporarily settled with a compromise (Maine came in as a free state).