International Measures of Length and Weight PRACTICE


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John is weighing his jars of coins. His jar of pennies weighs 84.96 ounces, and his jar of nickels weighs 3.11 kilograms. There are 0.0283495 kilograms per ounce. Which jar weighs more, and how many more pounds does it weigh?
The jar of nickels weighs 1.55 pounds more than the jar of pennies.
A rope has a density and thickness such that a 3.25-centimeter-long segment of it weighs 61.40 grams. There are 28.3495 grams in an ounce and 2.54 centimeters in an inch. How many ounces would a 19.45 inch length of the same rope weigh?
32.92 oz
Jennifer has built a shelf which can safely support 16.40 pounds. If there are 2.20462 pounds in a kilogram, how many kilograms can Jennifer's shelf support?
7.44 kg
Rachel weighed her two cats, Tiger and Mittens. Tiger weighed 10.91 pounds, and Mittens weighed 178.08 ounces. Which cat is heavier, and how many pounds heavier is she?
Mittens is 0.22 pounds heavier than Tiger.
Emma enjoys flying kites. Her red kite has a maximum altitude of 117.46 meters, and her black kite has a maximum altitude of 362.26 feet. One foot is the same as 0.3048 meters. Which kite has a higher maximum altitude, and how many feet higher is it?
The red kite has a maximum altitude 23.11 feet higher than the black kite.
Mark is measuring the size of his children's hands. His daughter's handspan is 7.38 inches, and his son's handspan is 16.05 centimeters. There are 2.54 centimeters in an inch. Which child's handspan is longer, and how many feet longer is it?
Mark's daughter's handspan is 0.0883 feet longer than his son's.
Arrange the following units in order from smallest to greatest: ounce, pound, gram, kilogram
Gram, ounce, pound, kilogram
Derek lives in Canada and enjoys herb gardening. His American friend sent him a guidebook for growing fresh herbs. The book says that it is best to cut bay shoots when they are 3.25 in long. If 1 mm is equivalent to 0.03937 in, how many millimeters long should the bay shoots be when Derek cuts them?
82.55 mm
Victor is measuring his bodily dimensions. His neck is 14.72 inches in circumference, and his forearm is 25.81 centimeters long. There are 2.54 centimeters in 1 inch. Which of Victor's measurements is longer, and by what percent?
The circumference of Victor's neck is 44.86% longer than his forearm.
Walter is a botanist. He often needs to weigh parts of plants, such as flowers or leaves. Which of the following units would likely make Walter's measurements easiest to read?