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in ancient Egypt, (talismans, scrileges) with the image of a scarab beetle were considered sacred and believed to have healing and protective powers.


The infatuated schoolboy, in one of his more restrained expressions, described himself as a (sacrilege, suppliant) at the altar of love.


"I realize that this kind of financial (gambit, sacrilege) has its risks," she said, "but I expect it to pay off handsomely in the end."


"His acts of defiance have been so (myopic, overt) and premeditated that I have no choice but to fire him," she said sadly.


John's poem "Sea Fever" has an (avid, undulating) rhythm that actually gives one the feeling of being on a rolling ship.


Walt tends to react slowly, but when he feels that his own interests are at stake he can move with striking (celerity, myopia).


Although all politicians must have some ability to dramatize themselves, it is very easy to overdo the (proprieties, histrionics).


The adoring fan regarded my negative comments about his favorite singer as tantamount to (maelstrom, sacrilege).


Without even considering the new evidence that I was prepared to present, they (deviously, summarily) denied my appeal to reopen the case.


She was buffeted about in a veritable (gambit, maelstrom) of emotion, caused mainly by her own dissatisfaction with herself.


He regaurded his Phi Beta Kappa key as a(n) (talisman, animadversion) that would open all doors and win him universal acceptance.


He is the kind of person who is concerned not with real moral values but simply with appearances and (propriety, celerity).


Nary a ripple disturbed the (halcyon, brackish) calm of the sea on that glorious summers afternoon.


Instead of imbibing the (brackish, suppliant) waters of superstition, let us refresh ourselves with long drafts of pure, clean, common sense.


Because the word "appeasement" is associated with disasterous concessions to Adolf Hitler, it has aquired a(n) (pejorative, overt) connotation.


His reckless words have an (incendiary, overt) effect on the already excited crowd, and large-scale rioting resulted.


As the defendant left the courtroom, he was ( gambited, accosted)by a group of reporters seeking his reaction to the verdict.


I certainly do not claim that my preformance in office was beyond criticism, but I deeply resent (animadversions, maelstroms) on my honesty.


After years of failure to sell a single story, the young writer described himself bitterly as "a(n) (pejorative, avid) collector of rejection slips."


In the age when the US has truly global responsibilites, we can ill afford leaders with (myopic, pejorative) points of view


His methods were so complicated and his purposes so (devious, avid) that we were not sure if he was spying on the enemy or us.


As reported on several online news sites, the (incendiary, gambit) accused in the destructive forest fires has admitted his guilt.


To the delight of the impatient graduates, the university president offered her comments at the commencement ceremony (summarily, brackishly).


After the young actor's audition, the casting directors delivered a harsh evaluation of his overly (histrionic, undulating) monologue.


My (myopic, suppliant) request for a later curfew proved successful.


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