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Understanding basic vocabulary as it relates to geography

cardinal directions

north, south, east, west


numbers measured in degrees and minutes that pinpoint locations on earth using latitude and longitude


map projection based on a cylinder representation that is shown flat on a map


the height of particular locations on a map; measured "above sea level"


the imaginary line that goes around the widest part of the earth in the center and is always closest to the sun


intersection of longitude and latitude lines


half of the globe; either north and south OR east and west

human-environment interaction

geography theme that describes how and why people interact with their environment

intermediate directions

northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest


the imaginary east-west parallel lines on a globe which measure the globe north and south of the Equator


key for a map that shows what symbols, colors, etc. stand for


geography theme that describes where something is


the imaginary north-south lines that measure distance east and west of the prime meridian

map projections

various ways the earth is represented in a 2-dimensional flat plain


geography theme that describes how and why people and things move

physical map

shows land-forms such as mountains, rivers, seas


geography theme that describes the feature that makes the site unique

political map

shows major countries, cities, etc.

prime meridian

the imaginary line that runs through Greenwich, England and represents zero degrees longitude


geography theme that describes areas that share common characteristics


key on a map that shows true distances by comparing to a relative size/distance on a map


map projection based on a cone placed over the globe

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