Dimensional Analysis


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Convert 0.25 m to centimeters
25 cm
Convert 9.8 g to kilograms
.0098 kg
Convert 35 ms to seconds
.035 s
Convert 4.2 dL to liters
.42 L
Complex conversions between units may require using how may conversion factors?
more than one
How would you calculate the number of nanometers in 8.1 cm?
8.1 x 10⁷ nm
What is the equivalent of 0.35 lb in grams?
770 g
A scientist has 0.46 mL of a solution. How would she convert this to volume to micro liters?
460 mm
Name three common measurements that are expressed as a ratio of two units
speed, density, gas mileage
What technique can be used to convert complex units?
dimensional analysis