Exam 2

a system of communication in which concepts are transmitted interpersonally in both written and oral forms.
Language Family
collection of languages related through a common ancestor that existed long before recorded history
language brANCH
language existed several thousands of years ago
language group
collection of language within a branch that share a common origin in the relatively recent past
variety of a language distinguished by vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation
official language
one or more languages designated as official by the governments to be used for laws, reports and public objects
Lingua Franca
language of international communication
Indo-European Language Family
over 3 billion people speak them 2.5 as a native lagnuage
Germanic, Romance, Indo-Iranian, Balto Slavic
4 branches of Indo European Language Family
Sino-Tibetan Language Family
language of China and others of Southeast Asia
Sinitic, Austro-Thai, Tibeto-Burman
3 main branches of Sino-Tibetan Language Family
Afro-Asiatic Language Family
Hebrew and many other smaller languages in Northern Africa and SW Asia
Hebrew and Arabic
2 major languages of Afro-Asiatic Language Family
Language Families in Africa
niger-congo, nilo-saharan, and Khoisan
isolated language
language unrelated to any other and thus is not attached to any language family
standard language
dialect that is well established of widely recognized as the most acceptable for government business, education and mass communication
a boundary that separates regions where in which different language usage predominates
nilo-saharan, niger-congo, khoisan
3 major Language Families in Africa