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Using many forms of transportation to distrubute vegetables from the field to the market is referred to as what type of transportation?

• intermodal
• modality
• extra modal
• multimodal
A. intermodel
In the medical field effective transportation is necessaary when there is an organ transplant. In this case the transportation mode is important to be:

• on land
• inexpensive
• fast
• quiet
C. fast
What transportation system is designed to move harvested grain up into silos or grain bins.

• Grain Elevator
• Combine
• Conveyors
• Rotary tiller
A. Gain elevator
The family dog accidently hit Tyrone's radio and broke off the antenna. What has happened to the radio?

• The source is damaged.
• The encoder is damaged.
• The transmitter is damaged.
• The receiver is damaged.
D. the receiver is damaged
A radio station broadcasts popular music on the FM band in a local area. What part of this system is considered to be the input?

• the music at the radio station
• the FM waves
• the listener's radio
• The listener
A. the music at the radio station
The rigging and digging crane company is moving a load of steel from a flat bed truck to a building structure. This is an example of transportation playing a role in what technology?

• agriculture
• communication
• construction
• medical
C. construction
Synthetic material is

• found in the ground
• grown
• man made
• a compound
C. man made
The main reason for the development of HTTP code is:

• to use the internet
• to build computers
• to share news
• to keep secrets
A. to use internet
What system produces, processes, and distributes food, fiber, fuel, chemical, and other useful products?

• Agriculture
• Energy and power
• Telemedicine
• Construction
A. agriculture
DetroitAve, a game company, posts a recruitment ad on a social media website where graphic designers share and critique work. DetroitAve's advertisement is an example of which type of communication purpose?

• Persuade designers to apply for a job
• Inform designers about the upcoming release
• Educate designers on their video games
• Entertain Designers with interesting graphics
A. persuade designers to apply designers for a job
A small band gets a few of their family and friends together for a live concert. Which of the following devices would be considered to be the decoder?

• Microphone
• Amplifier
• Speaker
• CD Recorder
C. speaker
Michael sets his alarm on his cell phone to ring at 6:45 am so he can get ready for school. The next morning the alarm rings loudly and Michael gets out of bed. The morning alarm awakening him is an example of what type of communication?

• human to human
• human to machine
• machine to human
• machine to machine
C. machine to human
Using electric vehicles saves gasoline. These types of vehicles are especially useful when traveling around the city, but not on extended trips because:

• of the time it takes to recharge batteries
• batteries are not efficient in climbing steep hills
• precipitation may damage the batteries
• the batteries need to rest
A. of the time it takes to recharge batteries
The encoder is the:

• operator
• message card
• telegraph key
• wire
A. operator
All of the following transportation technologies are utilized in moving products from their natural occurring elements to consumers, EXCEPT.

• Grain Elevator
• Combine
• Conveyors
• Rotary tiller
Points earned: 3 out of 3
D. rotary tiller
Dillon has autopay setup on his electricity bill. On the payment due date the amount of the bill is automatically drafted from Dillon's bank account and deposited in the account of his local electric company. The autopay is an example of what type of communication?

• human to human
• human to machine
• machine to human
• machine to machine
D. machine to machine
Closed-loop communication systems all have:

• digital signals, wires, and electronics.
• sensors, storage devices and information displays
• inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback
• human operators, networks, and satellites dealing with input and output
C. inputs, processes, outputs, and feedbacks
The process of placing a message on a channel so that it can be sent to the receiver is called:

• decoding
• receiving
• encoding
• transmitting
D. transmitting
Soybeans have many uses, from food to fuel and even lubricants. Before the soybeans can be converted into useful products they must be:

• cleaned, dried, and cooled
• cleaned, treated, and frozen
• sorted, dried, and thawed
• stored, treated, and cooled
A. cleaned, dried, and cooled
Petroleum can be classified as:

• man-made
• natural
• synthetic
• composite
B. natural
Amy is a pilot for a large company that is designing a new fuel efficient jet aircraft. As her company finishes a new design Amy spends hours flying the plane using an aircraft simulator. In the simulator Amy can take-off, fly, and land the aircraft virtually. Amy's interaction with the simulator is what type of communication?

• human to human
• human to machine
• machine to human
• machine to machine
B. human to machine
For a product to be approved as a new type of medicine it must be reviewed and approved by the:

Moving oil through a pipeline is an example of what type of transportation

• Conveyor belt
• Material handling
• Intermodal
• Monorail
B. material handling
When Chelsea keyed the text messge into her cell phone and before she pressed "send" would be an example of what component of the communication system?

• encoding
• transmitting
• decoding
• receiving
A. encoding
All of these items are considered technological artifacts EXECPT:

• hammer
• wild tulip poplar (tree)
• poplar baseball bat
• sharpened and fire hardened stick
B. wild tulip poplar (tree)
Space transportation is exciting and has allowed for new and innovative products, but it is also very dangerous. Balancing danger and advancement is an example of a:

• patent
• discovery
• trade off
• spin off
C. trade off
Technologies that include inputs, processes, and outputs associated with sending and receiving information is an example of:

• Transportation
• Communication
• Manufacturing
• energy and Power
B. communication
Mr. Anderson has decided to ride the Amtrak train from North Carolina to Washington DC. He orders his tickets online and pays with a gift card he received as a present. When he arrives at the depot he goes up to a ticket machine and types in his confirmation number and he is dispensed a train ticket. What type of communication was Mr. Anderson engaged in at the train depot?

• human to human
• human to machine
• machine to human
• machine to machine
C. human to machine
Aeronautical engineers prefer aluminum over steel for structural elements of aircraft because aluminum has:

• a higher ultimate strength
• a higher strength to volume ratio
• a higher strength to weight ratio
• lower elastic and plastic limits
C. a higher strength to weight ratio
What is the most useful type of transportation to effectively move very large equipment from a residential construction worksite?

• train
• car
• ship
• tractor trailer
D. tractor trailer
Jackie is at a fast food restaurant and is surprised to find a machine with touch screen not only takes your order but also receives your payment. The new ordering system is an example of what type of communication?

• human to human
• human to machine
• machine to human
• machine to machine
B. human to machine
Which mode of transportation is preferred if you need to travel a long distance as quickly as possible?

• Land
• Water
• Intermodal
• Air
D. air
A type of printing that uses ink over a stencil with openings that are the shape of the message:

• lithographic printing
• guvure printing
• screen printing
• reliev printing
C. screen printing
The microwave's antennas are:

• transmitting and receiving
• sourcing and resourcing
• encoding and decoding
• storing and retrieving
A. transmitting and receiving
On a desktop computer, what is an example of an output device?

• Kayboard
• Mouse
• Printer
• Microphone
C. printer
Johnny has a farm that produces 500 gallons of milk each week. The most efficient way to transport the milk to the refining plant would be to use a:

• pipeline
• truck
• barge
• train
B. truck
The process of forwarding a voice mail message request over VOIP to Seattle is called

• encoding
• receiving
• decoding
• transmitting
D. transmitting
You are typing a paper and the class is about to end. Since you need to continue working on the paper later, what is the next step in the communication system?

• Store the message for later retrieval
• Transmit the message immediately
• Find a new source
• Change the message's destination
A. store the message for later retrieval
When Cindy types a message using her phone on-screen keyboard, she is performing what part of the communication system?

• Encoding
• Decoding
• Transmitting
• Storing
A. encoding
Communication Technology students are converting messages into HTML to be placed into the school website. The process the students are doing is called:

• encoding
• feedback
• retrieving
• transmitting
A. encoding