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the point at which the demand for a product or service is equal to the supply of that product or service


describes any price or quantity not at equilibrium; when quantity supplied is not equal to quantity demanded in a market


when quantity demanded is more than quantity supplied


when quantity supplied is more than quantity demanded

price ceiling

a maximum price that can legally be charged for a good or service

rent control

a price ceiling placed on apartment rent

price floor

a minimum price for a good or service

minimum wage

a minimum price that can pay a worker for one hour of labor


the quantity of goods that a firm has on hand


a product that is popular for a short period of time

search costs

the financial opportunity costs that consumers pay when searching for a good or service

supply shock

a sudden shortage of a good


a system of allocating scarce goods and services using criteria other than price

black market

a market in which goods are sold illegally, without regard for government controls on price or quantity

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