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  1. Inorganic Chemistry
  2. negative
  3. Macroscopic, microscopic, symbolic
  4. Analytical Chemistry
  5. Calorie
  1. a The 3 perspectives that chemist study matter from are?
  2. b ______________- Study of how to determine the exact composition of mixtures and compounds. What is present and what is the exact percent composition.
  3. c ______________- Study of the compounds of all other elements besides carbon
  4. d an electron has what charge?
  5. e A ______________ is the heat energy needed to raise the temperature of 1g of water to 1degree C

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  1. How many elements are there total?
  2. mass number is the number of _________ +__________
  3. ______________ - a simple description of some property of the substance
  4. ______________- Attempts to develop the theory for why matter behaves the way it does. The application of these theories can be applied to all areas of chemistry
  5. Who explained the bright line of hydrogen using a planetary model?

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  1. Robert Miltonatoms are most stable when they have 8 electrons


  2. 94There are __ naturally occurring elements


  3. ionic and covalent bondscompounds can be broken into what two type of bonds?


  4. Hund's Rule______________ atomic theory is microscopic model to explain macroscopic observations


  5. Positivea proton has what charge?