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  1. neutral
  2. Hund's Rule
  3. average atomic mass
  4. color, size, phase, mass
  5. metal
  1. a what are 4 examples of physical properties
  2. b ___________- electrons fill degenerate orbitals one at a time (with the same spin), before pairing up electrons in the degenerate orbitals
  3. c ___________ is an element that typically has less than 4 electrons in its outer shell
  4. d a neutron has what charge?
  5. e the atomic mass on the periodic table is really the__________ __________ __________

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  1. ______________ is how close to the actual value the measurement is
  2. Who explained the bright line of hydrogen using a planetary model?
  3. ___________- an element that typically has 4 or more electrons in its outer shell
  4. ___________- energy needed to remove an electron from the outer shell of an atom in the gaseous state
  5. who was credited with the cathode ray tube experiment

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  1. Ernest Rutherfordatoms are most stable when they have 8 electrons


  2. Homogenous and heterogeneousmixtures can be divided into what two type of categories


  3. Physical Chemistry______________- Attempts to develop the theory for why matter behaves the way it does. The application of these theories can be applied to all areas of chemistry


  4. ProustWho was the scientist that came up with law of definite proportions by mass


  5. Dalton'sWho was the scientist that came up with law of multiple proportions?