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  1. experimental
  2. ionization energy
  3. Pauli Exclusion Principle
  4. chemical, nuclear stability
  5. average atomic mass
  1. a ___________- energy needed to remove an electron from the outer shell of an atom in the gaseous state
  2. b Isotopes of an element have the same __________ properties but different __________
  3. c the atomic mass on the periodic table is really the__________ __________ __________
  4. d ______________________- electrons in the same orbital must have opposite spin
  5. e chemistry is an ______________ science

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  1. A particular element is determined by the number of __________ in the nucleus
  2. Who was the scientist that came up with law of definite proportions by mass
  3. in an atom, the number of __________ equals the number of __________ so that the atom is electrically __________ overall
  4. Chemists study matter from _ perspectives
  5. if something is edible then it is a ______________ property

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  1. Precision______________ is how consistent a measurement is


  2. Positivea proton has what charge?


  3. color, size, phase, massthe atomic mass on the periodic table is really the__________ __________ __________


  4. 7 14the subshell f has _ orbital(s) with a maximum of _ electrons per sublevel


  5. LavoisierWho was the scientist that defined the law of conservation of mass>