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  1. Qualitative observations
  2. 3
  3. ionization energy
  4. Hund's Rule
  5. Ernest Rutherford
  1. a ______________ - a simple description of some property of the substance
  2. b Who was credited with the gold foil experiment?
  3. c ___________- energy needed to remove an electron from the outer shell of an atom in the gaseous state
  4. d ___________- electrons fill degenerate orbitals one at a time (with the same spin), before pairing up electrons in the degenerate orbitals
  5. e Chemists study matter from _ perspectives

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  1. Who explained the bright line of hydrogen using a planetary model?
  2. ______________- A property that can be observed without changing the molecular composition of matter
  3. Dosage = ________ / ___________
  4. an electron has what charge?
  5. what are 4 examples of physical properties

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  1. Pure substances and mixturesmass number is the number of _________ +__________


  2. Inorganic Chemistry______________- Study of the molecules and processes that take place in living organisms


  3. Quantitative observations______________- always involves a measurement of the property in questoin


  4. Elements and compoundsPure substances can be divided into what two categories


  5. Extensivethese are properties that are dependent on how much matter is present