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  1. macroscopic
  2. Positive
  3. ionization energy
  4. intensive
  5. Ernest Rutherford
  1. a these are properties that are independent of how much matter is present
  2. b The first atomic model was based on 3 major ______________ observations
  3. c a proton has what charge?
  4. d Who was credited with the gold foil experiment?
  5. e ___________- energy needed to remove an electron from the outer shell of an atom in the gaseous state

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  1. in an atom, the number of __________ equals the number of __________ so that the atom is electrically __________ overall
  2. give 4 examples of chemical properties
  3. ______________ is how close to the actual value the measurement is
  4. mass number is the number of _________ +__________
  5. __________ - atoms of the same element that differ in mass due to a different number of neutrons

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  1. Hund's Rule___________- electrons fill degenerate orbitals one at a time (with the same spin), before pairing up electrons in the degenerate orbitals


  2. Thermal energy______________- the total kinetic energy of all particles in a material


  3. a positively charged ionwhat is a cation?


  4. average atomic massthe atomic mass on the periodic table is really the__________ __________ __________


  5. Neutronsa neutron has what charge?