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Lesson 1: Understanding Local Area Networking

Microsoft Official Academic Course Networking Fundamentals Flashcards
Local Area Network
a group of computers confined to a small geographic area, usually one building.
Network documentation
any information that helps describe, define, and otherwise explain how computers are connected in a physical and logical way.
connects each of the networked computers, known as hosts, to one another by way of copper-based cables.
the data is sent to every host on the network.
used to centralize data and share it with other computers on the network.
Network Adapter/Network Interface Card (NIC)
device that enables you to send and receive data to and from your computer.
Serial Data Transfer
the transfer of one bit at a time or transfer in a single bit stream.
a set of rules that govern the transmission of data between network adapters and various central connecting devices.
describes the situation in which information is sent to one host only.
Data Transfer Rate
network speed or bit rate/the maximum bits per second that can be transmitted over a network.
IP Address
defines the computer you are working on/the computer you are working on's logical address.
Subnet Mask
a group of four numbers that define what IP network the computer is a member of.
Wireless Access Point (WAP)
acts as the central connecting device for the network.
Virtual Lan/VLAN
a group of hosts with a common set of requirements that communicate as if they were connected together in a normal fashion on one switch, regardless of their physical location.
Perimeter Network/Demilitarized Zone
a small network that is set up separately from a company's private LAN and the Internet.
Network Topology
the physical connections of hosts in a computer network.
Star Topology
When this topology is used, each computer is individually wired to a central connecting device with twisted-pair cabling.
Mesh Topology
every computer connects to every other computer; no central connecting device is needed.
Distributive Computing
Used for both client-server and peer to peer networks and means that every device or workstation has its own processing power.
Client Server
an architecture that distributes applications between servers such as Windows Server 2008 and client computers such as Windows 7.
Peer-to-peer Networking
each computer is treated as an equal and means each computer has an equal ability to serve data and to access data, just like any other computer on the network.
Sharing, Communication, Organization, and Money
The real reasons that organizations need networks.
What is an RJ45 port where the RJ45 plug at the end of the network cable connects, otherwise known as?
Full Duplex
means that the network card can send and receive data simultaneously.
Half Duplex
Means that the network adapter will send and receive data but not at the same time.
A full duplex connection can _________ twice as much information per second as a half duplex connection.
You need to install a network adapter to a computer so that it can be connected to a network that uses twisted-pair cabling. What type of port does the network adapter need to use?
Device Manager
Where can you go in Windows 7 to access the Properties of a network adapter?
Full Duplex
You need to connect a computer's network adapter to a switch. You want the connection to be able to send and receive data simultaneously. What type of connection do you need?
100 Mbps
You need to connect a computer at a rate of 100,000,000 bits per second. What speed network adapter should you install?
You have just installed a network adapter and configured an IP address and subnet mask. What command can you use to verify that the IP address is configured and listed properly?
Ping loopback
You need to ping your own computer to see if it is alive. Which of the following would qualify as command-line syntax to do so?
You have been instructed to connect a computer to a group of hosts that have been segmented from the regular network. What kind of network is this?
Demilitarized Zone
The manager of IT asks you to connect a perimeter network to the firewall, which will be separate from the LAN This type of network is known as ______________.
Star Topology
A ____________ topology can be defined by connecting several hubs to a switch.
100 Mbps
802.3u Ethernet networks run at __________ Mbps.
A ___________ is a program used to download files quickly from a P2P network.
Token Ring
The __________ network architecture is physically a star and logically a ring.
1Gbps / 1000 Mbps
802.3ab Ethernet networks run at __________ Mbps.
A ___________ topology can be defined as connecting several computers in a circle without the use of a hub or a switch.
When several computers are connected in a small geographic area, it is known as a __________.
These Ethernet networks run at 10Mbps and have a cable standard of 10Base5 that is Thick coaxial cable.
These Ethernet networks run at 10 Mbps and have a cable standard of 10Base2 that is Thin coaxial cable.
These Ethernet networks run at 10 Mbps and have a cable standard of 10Base-T that is Twisted pair cable.
These Ethernet networks run at 10 Mbps and have a cable standard of 10Base-F that is Fiber optic cable.
These Ethernet networks run at 1 Gbps / 1000 Mbps and have a cable standard of 1000Base-X that is Fiber optic cable.
These Ethernet networks run at 10 Gbps and have a cable standard of 10Gbase-SR, 10GBase-LR, 10GBase-ER and so on that is Fiber optic cable.
These Ethernet networks run at 10 Gbps and have a cable standard of 10 GBase-T that is Twisted pair cable.
Network Documentation
You have a key network administrator leave a company. Therefore, what does the company depend on to continue to use the network?
What is the most common central device used today to connect computers to a network?
What is the most common adapter or connector used to connect a computer to a wired network?
Full Duplex
Which of the following does a switch use for increased performance?
What do you use to isolate a group of computers within your organization?
What do you use to create VLANs?
Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
What zone is used to publish external websites for an organization?
Which topology is the most redundant and the most expensive?
What standard describes CSMA/CD?
What mechanism do wireless networks use to access the network?
Distributive Computing
What model promises the most processing power?
Which model uses a central database for authentication?
Network Controller
What type of server does Active Director run on?
Which model does each host have their own security database?
What type of communication is sent to a single designated host?
IP address
What is used to uniquely identify a host on a TCP/IP network?
A ___________ is a single computer or device that connects to a TCP/IP network?
Wireless Access Point
What is the central device used in wireless LANs?
What command do you use to test the TCP/IP stack on a computer?