11 terms

History Exploration and Reformation 1372-1648

A few terms our teacher gave us to memorize for a test
Counsel of Constance
A set of meetings that occured from 1414 to 1417 that exectued Jan Hus and elected Martin V as pope
Printing Press
Invented in 1435; helped print the bible much faster
Treaty of Tordesillas
A treaty settled by the pope that divided property between Spain and Portugal
95 Theses
A set of ideas for the Catholic church written on a church door in Wittenberg by Martin Luther
Diet of Worms
A meeting in 1521 to discuss Martin Luther; ended up starting the Lutheran faith
Act of Supremacy
Gave Henry VIII authority over the rule of the Catholic Church in 1534
Peace of Augsbury
Decided to let princes choose Catholic or Luther for their territories; outlawed Calvinisim
Spanish Armada
A superior fleet of Spanish ships sent by Spain to conquer the British in the thirty-years war
Defenestration of Prague
Started the thirty-years war; two HRE nobles were tossed out of windows of a castle
Edict of Restitution
Prohibited Protestantism
Peace of Westphalia
Treaty ending the thirty-years war