40 terms

Quiz 1

Formatting Mark - ?
a character that indicates a paragraph, tab, or space on your screen, but that does not print when you print a Word document.
Red Line - ?
the color of the wavy line that indicates a potential spelling error
Green Line - ?
the color of the wavy line that indicates a potenital grammer error
Manual Page Break - ?
forces a page to end, and places subsequent text at the top of the next page
Clip Art - ?
graphics and images included with Microsoft Office or obtained from other sources.
Live Preview - ?
a technology that shows the result of applying a formatting change as you point to it
Point - ?
a unit of measurement for font size
Word Wrap - ?
automatically moves text from the right edge of a paragraph to the beginning of the next line as neccessary to fit within the margins
Header - ?
a reserved area for text, graphics, and fields that displays at the top of each page in a document
Field - ?
a category of data -- such as a file name, the page number, or the current date -- that can be inserted into a document
Nonprinting characters - ?
Formatting Marks such as paragraph symbols and dots for spaces are also called this.
Word Wrap - ?
When you are typing text and a word will not fit within the established right margin, this Word feature moves the entire word to the next line in the paragraph.
Backspace - ?
To delete the character to the left of the insertion point you press this button.
Delete - ?
To delete the character to the right of the insertion point you press this button.
Keyboard Shortcuts - ?
Pressing a combination of keys -- such as [Ctrl] & [Home] to move to the top of the document -- is referred to this.
Blue Line - ?
A potential contextual spelling error is indicated by a wavy underline of this color.
[Ctrl] Button - ?
To select a sentence, hold down this key, and then click anywhere in the sentence.
Thesaurus - ?
provides words with similar meanings
Backstage - ?
TO change Proofing tool setting, you display this tab.
Footer - ?
A served area of text and graphics that displays at the bottom of each page in a document is this.
Margin - ?
The space between the text and the top, bottom, left, and right edges of the paper when you print the document.
Bibliography - ?
a list of sources displayed on a separate page at the end of a report
Double-spacing - ?
the equivalent of a blank line of text displayed between each line of text in a paragraph
Endnote - ?
a reference added to the end of a section or document
Find - ?
the command that locates text in a document
First line Indent - ?
the position of the first line of a paragraph relative to the text in the rest of the paragraph
Format Painter - ?
the command that copies formatting from one place to another
Numbered - ?
the type of list used for items that are in chronological or sequential order
Paragraph spacing - ?
the vertical distance above and below each paragraph in a document
Update field - ?
the command used to display changes made in the source manager to a source listed in the bibliography
Custom Margin - ?
to create your own document margins, use this command at the bottom of the margin gallery
Alignment - ?
the placement of paragraph text relative to the left and right document margins
Line Spacing - ?
the vertical distance between lines in a paragraph
Justify - ?
the alignment is used to position paragraph text an equal distance between the left and right margin
Center - ?
this type of alignment positions the text so that it is aligned with both the left and right margins
Manual Page Break - ?
hold [Ctrl] + [Enter] to insert one of these?
Bulleted List - ?
items that can be lited in any order are best presented by using these
Handing indent - ?
in a bibliography, this type of indent is used for each reference
Footnote - ?
to place a note on the same page as the reference source, use this
Citations - ?
refers to an entry in a bibliography