35 terms

Chapter 2 Group 1 Vocab

ameliorate (v.)
become better; make better; improve, enhance
amelioration (n.)
conserve (v)
keep from waste, loss, or decay; save
conservation (n)
preservation from loss; injury, or waste
conservationist (n)
one who advocates the conservation of natrual resources
detriment (n)
injury, damage, or something that causes it; disadvantage
detrimental (adj)
harmful; damaging
exotic (adj)
introduced from another country; foreign- strikingly unusual.
folly (n)
lack of good sense; foolish action or undertaking
formerly (adv)
in an earlier period; previously
former (adj)
preceeding; previous
harmony (n)
peaceable or friendly relations; accord; agreement; tranquillity; concord
harmonious (adj)
friendly; amicable
ignore (v)
refuse to take notice of ;disregard
ignoramus (n)
ignorant; stupid person; dunce; dolt; dullard; nincompoop
impediment (n)
something that hinders or obstructs; hinderance; obstacle
impede (v)
interfere with or slow the progress of; hinder; obstruct
indolent (adj)
deisposed to avoid extertion; lazy; idle; lethargic
indolence (n)
idleness; laziness
intact (adj)
untouched by anything that damages or diminishes; left complete or entire; uninjured
invalid (adj)
not binding in law; having no force or effect; void; nugatory
invalidate (v)
abolish; annul
invalid (n)
sickly or disabled person
noncarcinogenic (adj)
not producing, or tending to produce, cancer
parsimonious (adj)
unduly sparing in the spending of money; stingy; miserly; tightfisted
raze (v)
destroy utterly by tearing down; demolish level
reticent (n)
inclined to be silent or secrative; uncommunitive; reserved
reticence (n)
restraint in communicating.
retire (v)
withdraw from active duty- go to bed
retort (v)
answer; reply sharply or angrily
retort (n)
quick, witty, or sharp reply; answer
subvert (v)
overturn or overthrow from the foundation ;undermine
subversion (n)
sabatoge; undermining
tractable (adj)
easily led, taught, or controlled; yeilding; docile; amenable
tractability (n)