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Social studies chapter 4 review

how did American exports to England compare to imports from England during the 1750's?
American exports had a lower value than English imports
other than fighting for religious tolerance what causes did the Quakers believe in?
Reform movements associated with women's rights, abolition, and temperance.
why did the puritans come to America?
Religious freedom
what type of government gives people elected by popular government power?
Representative government
How were law makers chosen in colonial assemblies in North America?
They were elected
what enabled the growth of independent colonial governments in North America?
It was difficult to rule from a distance
did New England have more imports or exports associated with England?
which colonial region did England trade mostly with?
Southern Colonies
why did the New England colonies rely heavily on trade from income?
A cold climate and poor soil made farming unprofitable
which geographic feature formed a natural boundary for the Proclamation line of 1763?
Appalachian mountains
what were the main three reasons the southern colonies development an agricultural economy?
Mild climate, rich soil, abundant rainfall
why was the port of New Orleans important to people in the Ohio River valley?
the port of New Orleans was an important trade center on the Mississippi river
Puritans moving from England to North America during the 1620's and 1630's was known as what?
Great Migration
the Magna Carta and the English Bill of rights were both important in establishing the foundations of what? foundation
Representative government
colonial representative governments were set up based on what?
English lawmaking body
what effect did the Enlightenment have on English colonies in the 1700's?
Colonists read about and discussed new ideas
what was important about Puritan town meetings?
They encouraged the growth of democratic ideas
why did Roger Williams found Rhode Island?
Because he was cast out by the Puritans
why did William Penn establish Pennsylvania?
He wanted to make a safe place for the Quakers to practice their religion
what geographic feature on the Atlantic coast contributed to a trade based economy?
Natural harbors
How did New England establish their colonial wealth?
Coastal waters and forests
how did the Southern colonies establish wealth?
what two colonial regions were founded for religious reasons?
New England and Middle colonies
the geography of New England encouraged settlers to establish what?
for what three reasons were the southern colonies good for growing cash crops?
Good soil, plenty of rainfall, warm year-round temperatures
what economic activity did most people in the Middle colonies rely on?
Great Britain benefiting financially from raw materials in the colonies describes what economic principal?
why did Industry develop in the North while the South remained agricultural?
The geography in the North was not good for growing cash crops
how did European migration to North America affect Native Americans during the 1700's and 1800's?
Native Americans lost tremendous amounts of land
how did colonists view the Appalachian Mountains around the year 1750?
As a barrier to expansion
what caused a dramatic increase in slave labor in the southern colonies after 1650?
The development of the plantation system
most people in the American colonies were from what country by 1775?
which group of people founded Maryland for religious reasons?
who were the first Europeans to establish what is now New York?
for what reason did the Quakers want to establish a colony?
Religious freedom
what type of labor did the Triangular Trade help increase in the New world?
Slave labor
where were grain and rice mostly grow in the colonies?
Southern colonies (same type of area)
which natural resource enabled New England to establish the Shipbuilding industry?