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  1. First fighting in the Spanish-American War
  2. Losers of Boxer Rebellion
  3. Nations affected by the Spanish-American War
  4. Using the U.S. government to promote U.S. business interests in foreign countries
  5. He led a force of fifteen thousand soldiers in an attempt to capture Pancho Villa
  1. a Dollar diplomacy
  2. b General John J. Pershing
  3. c The Philippines
  4. d "Fists of Righteous Fury"
  5. e Puerto Rico, Cuba, Phillipines, Guam

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  1. Alfred T. Mahan
  2. China
  3. San Juan Hill
  4. The Phillipines
  5. Victoriano Huerta

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  1. This was designed as a way for the U.S. to further Its trade interests in ChinaOpen Door Policy


  2. Mexican Rebel wanted by Mexican and U.S. GovernmentsPancho Villa


  3. Years of American Imperialism1890-1920


  4. This country encouraged and supported Panamanian independence after Colombia would not allow Canal to be builtThe U.S.


  5. U.S. warship thought to have been bombed by Spain in Havana HarborThe Philippines


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