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  1. He successfully negotiated the purchase of Alaska from which Russia
  2. Supplement to the Monroe Doctrine which held that the U.S was entitled to intervene in Latin American countries to
  3. Agreement ending the Spanish-American War
  4. Losers of Boxer Rebellion
  5. Narrow channel cut across Central America joining the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
  1. a "Fists of Righteous Fury"
  2. b Secretary of State William Seward
  3. c Treaty of Paris
  4. d Panama Canal
  5. e Roosevelt Corollary

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  1. Imperialism
  2. The Philippines
  3. missionary diplomacy
  4. 1890-1920
  5. Theodore Roosevelt

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  1. Nations affected by the Spanish-American WarThe Philippines


  2. U.S. warship thought to have been bombed by Spain in Havana HarborThe Philippines


  3. Boxer rebellion took place to remove foreign influencePancho Villa


  4. Using the U.S. government to promote U.S. business interests in foreign countriesThe Phillipines


  5. This industry led the call for Hawaiian annexation by the U.SSugar Industry (Sanford Dole)


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