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NCLEX questions

What is the Role of a nurse in medication administration
ensure medications are administered and delivered in a safe manner
Before administering drugs by the enteral route, the nurse should evaulate which of the following
ability of the patient to swallow
which of the following is the highest nursing priority when a patient has an allergic reaction to a newly prescribed medication
notify the physician of the allergic reaction
the order reads IV STAT which of the following actions should the nurse take
administer the medicaiton within five mins of the order
which of the following medications would not be administered through a nasogastric tube
enteric coated tablets, sustained release tablets, iv medications
a diabetic patient has been NPO since midnight for surgery int he morning. He usually takes an oral hypoglycemic drug to control his diabetes. What would be the best action for the nurse to take concerning the administration of his medication
contact the physician for further orders
what is the term for unpredictable and unexplained drug reactions
idiosyncratic reaction
a drug that occupies a receptor site and prevents endogenous chemicals from acting is called a/an
in considering the pharmocotherapeutic perspective, which property is considered to be of most importance
the term used to describe the magnitude of maximal response that can be produced from a particular drus is:
morphine has a greater efficacy than either of the OTC drugs aspirin or acetominophen. Base on what the nurse knows about efficacy, what patient condition might require a dose of morphine rather than either aspirin or acetominophen
a patient in moderate to sever pain after the other drugs have been ineffective for pain relief
A nurse reads that the drugs to be given to the patient has a narrow therapuetic index which means....
has a narrow safety margin and even a small increase in dose may produce adverse toxic effects
which of the following is an incorrect statement regarding nursing diagnosis
it identifies the patients response to an actual or potential life process
an appopriately stated goal for a patient with type 1 diabetes mellitus is
the patient will demonstrate self injection....
15yr old not wanting to ive insulin due to not wanting to gain weight
deficient knowledge
which factor is most importatn for the nurse to assess when evaluationg the effectiveness of a patients drug therapy
evidence of therapuetic benefit
which of the following part of the nursing process is where the nurse assesses the effectiveness of the medication
during the evaluation phase of drug administration, the nurse completes which responsibilities
monitors the patient for therapuetic and adverse effects
16yr old pregnant with acnewant meds
accutane is known to cause birth defects and should never be taken during pregnancy
reduce effect of med on infant breast feeding nurse should...
immediatly after breast feeding
arthritis in hands take many per. drugs follow up by nurse statement
i care for my two year old grandson twice a week
nurse giving meds to child approach...
sit the child up, hold the medicine cup to her lips and kindly instruct to drink
injection to infant
vastus laterilis
reduce chance of polypharmacy nurse should....
take an OTC prescripstion and pharmacy history with each visit
patient tells nurse he is going to use herbs to treat hypertension...
obtain more info. and determine whether the herbs are compatible with medications prescribed
ensure a teaching is understood nurse should...
provide instructions only when family members are presesnt;provide detailed material, provide labels of instruction
gender issues to consider for a nurse to know when giving meds...
women sufferf from alhzhiemers in greater numbers than men
patients states she will decide treatment after she prays role of spirituality....
important to the patinets acceptance of medical treatment
the nurse knows patients characterized as slow acetylators
are more prone to drug toxicity
patient undergoing cancer treatment complains of nausea and fatigue, nurse would address this holistically....
talk to patient about symptoms impact they hav eon daily activities and techinques that have helped lessen the probelm
each nurse is responsible fro becoming familiart with the np acts of the state in which he or she practices....
protect the nurse from malpractice
administering wrong meds to wrong patient, action,,,
report error, docutment, report of error for further followup
patient with liver dysfunction experiences toxicity to a drug following administration of several doses reaction may have been prevented..
steps to reporting errors inclued
examining interdisciplinary cause of errors and assisiting professionals in wasy to avoid mistakes
nurse administered wrong meds. action...
notify, document, error report
patient tells nurse is taking herbal supplements implies for patients treatment
the herbal products may interact with prescribed medications and affect drug action
teaching to provide safety for use of herbal products
take smallest amount possible when starting
palmetto treats..
urinary problems with prostate enlargement
warfarin user reports use of feverfew nurse observes..
inc. bleeding potential
which of the following is inhaled anthrax..
fever cough and dyspnea
exposure to nerve gas agents can be expected to have
convulsions and loss of consciousness
treatment of anthrax?
cdc categorizes based on
impact on public health
nurses play a key role in potential terror attakc
all choices excpet storing antidotes, antibiotics, vaccines, and supplies