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chemical weathering

Whenever the characteristics and internal structures of weathered minerals have been altered, they have undergone ?

carbon dioxide

The atmospheric gas that forms a mild acid when dissolved in water.


Soils resting on the bedrock from which they formed.


NOT associated with mechanical weathering.


The layer of weathered rock and mineral fragments that covers much of Earth's surface.


The most important agent of chemical weathering.


When a mass of material moves down slope along a curved surface.


Produces a yellow to reddish-brown surface on iron-rich minerals.


Is responsible for the formation of exfoliation domes.

particle sizes

A soil's texture is determined by its ?


In a well-developed soil profile the ? horizon is the topmost layer.

talus slope

The accumulation of rock fragments found at the base of many cliffs.

thermal expansion

The least effective form of mechanical weathering.


The removal of soluble materials from soil by percolating water.


The most widespread form of mass wasting.

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