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  1. Duragesic
  2. Elavil
  3. Inderal
  4. Exelon
  5. Levitra
  1. a vardenafil HCL (erectile dysfunction/ED)
  2. b rivastigmine tartrate (alzheimers)
  3. c fentanyl patches (narcotic analgesic/pain)
  4. d propranolol HCL (beta blocker/HBP)
  5. e amitriptyline (antidepression/depression/mig ha/nerve pain)

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  1. valsartan (angiotensin II receptor blocker/HBP)
  2. estradiol (hormone replacement/menopausal symptoms)
  3. cephalexin (cephalosporin/tx inf ear, chest, skin, bones, bladder, or gonorrhea)
  4. tolterodine tartrate (urinary incontinence/overactive bladder)
  5. epoetin alfa (hematopoetic/stimulates bone marrow to produce red blood cells)

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  1. Hydrochlorothyazide/HCTZfolic acid (vitamin/deficiency)


  2. Diflucanfluconazole (antifungal/infections)


  3. Levaquinfurosemide (diuretic/HBP, edema, heart/kidney failure)


  4. Imitrexsumatriptan (migraine/mig ha)


  5. Effexor, Effexor XRcyclobenzaprine HCL (skeletal muscle relaxant/muscle spasm)