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  1. Effexor, Effexor XR
  2. Klonopin
  3. Hytrin
  4. isopto
  5. Ditropan
  1. a terazosin HCL (alpha blocker/benign prostatic hyperplasia)
  2. b artificial tears (glaucoma therapy/relieve burning frm dry eyes)
  3. c venlafaxine HCL (antipsychotic agent/depression)
  4. d clonazepam (anticonvulsant/antianxiety/panic disorders)
  5. e oxybutynin (urinary incontinence/overactive bladder)

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  1. folic acid (vitamin/deficiency)
  2. phenytoin (anticonvulsant/controls conv)
  3. cephalexin (cephalosporin/tx inf ear, chest, skin, bones, bladder, or gonorrhea)
  4. fluticasone propionate (asthma agent inhaler/whzing/SOB)
  5. furosemide (diuretic/HBP, edema, heart/kidney failure)

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  1. Levitraraloxifene (osteoporosis)


  2. Endocetepoetin alfa (hematopoetic/stimulates bone marrow to produce red blood cells)


  3. Evistavardenafil HCL (erectile dysfunction/ED)


  4. Duragesicfentanyl patches (narcotic analgesic/pain)


  5. Glucophagemetformin HCL (biguanides/type 2 diabetes)