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Comprehensive Test Questions

Calories per gram of protein
Calories per gram of fat
Calories per gram of carbs
Maximal oxygen consumption is typically expressed relative to a persons:
Body mass
what information would NOT be used to determine above and below lactate threshold running paces
Blood Pressure
To calculate work, What should be known?
Distance and Force
a MET is defined as a metabolic equivalent and is equal to
Resting Vo2
which of the following measurements would indicate attainment of VO2 ma during a GXT?
Platueaing or decreasing in V02 with increasing workload
The enzyme which allows ATP -> ADP + Pi +Energy is:
The storage form of carbs is:
The process whereby glucose is converted to a storage form is called:
In aerobic metabolism, the majority of ATP is produced during:
Electron Transport
FADH2 and NADH carry these to the electron transport chain:
Hydrogens and Electrons
In theory, EPOC period can NOT :
is characterized by excess oxygen consumption over that seen during activity.
glycolysis can NOT:
Three ATPs are required if starting from glycogen
Aerobic training does not cause:
the decreased number of capillaries supplying each muscle fiber.
RER does not:
indicate the number of calories consumed at rest
Power is:
Force multiplied Velocity
The formation of glucose from noncarbohydrate sources are called:
Gluconeogenesis (Kori Cycle)
one MET is approximately:
3.5 mlkg-1min-1 (resting metabolism)
The cycle of Lactate to glucose between the muscle and liver is called:
Cori Cycle
The total ATP production via aerobic breakdown of glucose is:
38 ATP
The total ATP production via anaerobic breakdown of glucose is:
The lag in oxygen uptake at the beginning of exercise is termed:
oxygen deficit
a RER value of ______ would indicate that fats are the primary fuel source, whereas a value of ______ would indicate that carbs are the primary fuel source.
.7 , 1
List three field tests to estimate aerobic power (VO2 max)
Mile Run, 12 minute run/walk test, step test
crossover concept
as exercise increases= stop using fat but shift to carbs; better trained= shifts to right
VO2 Measures:
aerobic fitness
as heart rate increases ______ blood pressure increases, as _______ blood pressure stays the same.
systolic, diastolic
Neurotransmitter chemical released at the neuromuscular junction
slower than normal resting heart rate (<60 bpm)
Nodes of Ranvier
small gaps of exposed axon, between the segments of myelin sheath, where action potentials are transmitted
After an electrical impulse crosses the neuromuscular junction is travels down the ________
Muscle growth from long-term resistance training is primarily due to the increase in the:
The size of the muscle fibers
The preferred term for an exercise movement that involves the same resistance throughout the range of motion is:
Dynamic constant external resistance
The velocity of a nerve impulse transmission is primarily determined by:
myelination and diameter of the neurons
The spread of electrical impulse among the muscle fibers of the heart:
is achieved through intercalated discs
Which of the following is a cardiovascular adaptation of training?
increase stroke volume
What technique does the body NOT use to control blood flow during activity?
altering the hemoglobin content of the blood
the fact that an increase in end-diastoltic ventricular volume increases the stoke volume of the heart is an illustration of:
Frank-Starling law of the Heart
Electrical impulses are conducted between heart muscle cells by:
intercalated discs
during exercise, the time spent in diastole and systole
is decreased with the greatest decrease occurring in diastole
a form of exercise that utilizes the stretch-shortening cycle, termed ________, helps in the development of muscular power.
________ are the muscles that oppose the prime movers during a muscle action.
________ nervous system controls the physiological functions that are unconscious in nature.
Specialized nuerons that are found only in the CNS and connect one neuron to another neuron are called _______
The _______ are the smallest blood vessels where gas and nutrient exchange occurs.
If the end-diastolic volume increases and end-systolic volume remains constant, stroke volume will ________.
The primary purpose of the pulmonary system is:
To Provide and interface for gas exchange
Which of the following is considered the only source of energy for the brain?
with moderate to heavy exercise, changes in sodium excretion and urine output occur. What is the purpose?
to conserve electrolytes
The use of oxygen in aerobic metabolism and production of carbon dioxide is referred to as:
Cellular Respiration
The nasal passages and structures prior to respiratory bronchioles do all of the following except:
Cools the air
__________ is necessary for the blood to carry adequate oxygen.
in Response to exercise training, the normal lung:
does not undergo measurable changes
Omega-3 Fatty acids can be found in which of the following foods?
The blood pressure of the pulmonary system:
is lower than systemic circulation. which protects the respiratory membrane.
The window of opportunity in which protein should be consumed to improve protein synthesis:
ends several hours after resistance exercise.
The _______ __________ is the calculation of breathing frequency, per minute by the amount of air moved per breath.
Pulmonary respiration
enegery balance
Ratio of Caloric Ingestion versus caloric expenditure
air displacment
Bod Pod
angia pectoris
Chest pain due to ischemia to cardiac tissue
The P02 decreases with the increasing altitude because of the
Lower barometric pressure
Compared to the value measured at sea level, when a subject works at the same work rate at 3,000 meters altitude, the heart rate is:
Pulmonary ventilation is higher at altitude than at sea level for any work rate, this is necessary due to the:
lower air density
Distance-running performances are generally not as good when conducted at a high altitude because, This is due to:
Lower P02
Major Risk factors for coronary artery diseases include all of the following except:
The skinfold test estimates body fat by:
measurement of subcutaneous body fat.
which of the following is an adaptation that the body makes to chronic heat stress:
early onset of sweating
The best strategy for dressing to exercise in the cold:
wear layers of clothing
The primary concern with exercise at altitude is:
lower barometric pressure limiting oxygen transfer in the blood
What percentage of americans are overweight?
Accumulation of plague on the inner walls of the arteries has been termed:
Three components to the female triad:
Osteoporosis, Eating Disorder, Menstrual Irregularities
_________ refers to training that utilizes various modes of exercise to improve cardio fitness.
Cross Training
Hypertension is defined as blood pressure equal or exceeding ______/________ mm Hg
_______ refers to planned variation in training, with the goal of optimizing physical performance
Minimum recommendation to promote and maintain health:
30 minutes of moderate exercise (moderate), 20 mins of vigorous exercise 3 days a week, Combination of the two (2 mod, 2 vig) Resistance training with main muscle groups!
What does FITT stand for regarding physical activity?
Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type