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  1. Specialized nuerons that are found only in the CNS and connect one neuron to another neuron are called _______
  2. Three components to the female triad:
  3. Distance-running performances are generally not as good when conducted at a high altitude because, This is due to:
  4. Acetylcholine
  5. one MET is approximately:
  1. a Lower P02
  2. b Osteoporosis, Eating Disorder, Menstrual Irregularities
  3. c 3.5 mlkg-1min-1 (resting metabolism)
  4. d interneuron
  5. e Neurotransmitter chemical released at the neuromuscular junction

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  1. Dynamic constant external resistance
  2. slower than normal resting heart rate (<60 bpm)
  3. 38 ATP
  4. Chest pain due to ischemia to cardiac tissue
  5. lower air density

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  1. _______ refers to planned variation in training, with the goal of optimizing physical performancedoes not undergo measurable changes


  2. The total ATP production via anaerobic breakdown of glucose is:3 ATP


  3. The use of oxygen in aerobic metabolism and production of carbon dioxide is referred to as:Cellular Respiration


  4. The primary purpose of the pulmonary system is:To Provide and interface for gas exchange


  5. The window of opportunity in which protein should be consumed to improve protein synthesis:ends several hours after resistance exercise.