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  1. Electrical impulses are conducted between heart muscle cells by:
  2. ________ are the muscles that oppose the prime movers during a muscle action.
  3. angia pectoris
  4. Major Risk factors for coronary artery diseases include all of the following except:
  5. Compared to the value measured at sea level, when a subject works at the same work rate at 3,000 meters altitude, the heart rate is:
  1. a Chest pain due to ischemia to cardiac tissue
  2. b Antagonist
  3. c intercalated discs
  4. d Higher
  5. e Stress

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  1. Electron Transport
  2. Dynamic constant external resistance
  3. Pulmonary respiration
  4. lower air density
  5. Frank-Starling law of the Heart

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  1. Power is:aerobic fitness


  2. The cycle of Lactate to glucose between the muscle and liver is called:Cori Cycle


  3. Which of the following is a cardiovascular adaptation of training?Carbs


  4. List three field tests to estimate aerobic power (VO2 max)measurement of subcutaneous body fat.


  5. a MET is defined as a metabolic equivalent and is equal toResting Vo2