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  1. Acetylcholine
  2. The primary concern with exercise at altitude is:
  3. with moderate to heavy exercise, changes in sodium excretion and urine output occur. What is the purpose?
  4. which of the following measurements would indicate attainment of VO2 ma during a GXT?
  5. air displacment
  1. a to conserve electrolytes
  2. b lower barometric pressure limiting oxygen transfer in the blood
  3. c Neurotransmitter chemical released at the neuromuscular junction
  4. d Platueaing or decreasing in V02 with increasing workload
  5. e Bod Pod

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  1. indicate the number of calories consumed at rest
  2. Stress
  3. Higher
  4. Mile Run, 12 minute run/walk test, step test
  5. 4

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  1. If the end-diastolic volume increases and end-systolic volume remains constant, stroke volume will ________.wear layers of clothing


  2. the fact that an increase in end-diastoltic ventricular volume increases the stoke volume of the heart is an illustration of:Increase


  3. crossover conceptas exercise increases= stop using fat but shift to carbs; better trained= shifts to right


  4. The use of oxygen in aerobic metabolism and production of carbon dioxide is referred to as:oxygen deficit


  5. Nodes of Ranviersmall gaps of exposed axon, between the segments of myelin sheath, where action potentials are transmitted


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