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  1. angia pectoris
  2. a form of exercise that utilizes the stretch-shortening cycle, termed ________, helps in the development of muscular power.
  3. RER does not:
  4. Which of the following is considered the only source of energy for the brain?
  5. The storage form of carbs is:
  1. a Chest pain due to ischemia to cardiac tissue
  2. b Plyometrics
  3. c indicate the number of calories consumed at rest
  4. d Carbs
  5. e Glycogen

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  1. is decreased with the greatest decrease occurring in diastole
  2. autonomic
  3. Cools the air
  4. Ratio of Caloric Ingestion versus caloric expenditure
  5. ATPase

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  1. Hypertension is defined as blood pressure equal or exceeding ______/________ mm Hg140/90


  2. The window of opportunity in which protein should be consumed to improve protein synthesis:is achieved through intercalated discs


  3. What does FITT stand for regarding physical activity?Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type


  4. glycolysis can NOT:as exercise increases= stop using fat but shift to carbs; better trained= shifts to right


  5. If the end-diastolic volume increases and end-systolic volume remains constant, stroke volume will ________.Frank-Starling law of the Heart