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  1. Accumulation of plague on the inner walls of the arteries has been termed:
  2. List three field tests to estimate aerobic power (VO2 max)
  3. If the end-diastolic volume increases and end-systolic volume remains constant, stroke volume will ________.
  4. The preferred term for an exercise movement that involves the same resistance throughout the range of motion is:
  5. Calories per gram of carbs
  1. a 4
  2. b Increase
  3. c atherscloriosis
  4. d Mile Run, 12 minute run/walk test, step test
  5. e Dynamic constant external resistance

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  1. Higher
  2. oxygen deficit
  3. slower than normal resting heart rate (<60 bpm)
  4. intercalated discs
  5. Osteoporosis, Eating Disorder, Menstrual Irregularities

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  1. Nodes of Ranvierindicate the number of calories consumed at rest


  2. one MET is approximately:3.5 mlkg-1min-1 (resting metabolism)


  3. ________ are the muscles that oppose the prime movers during a muscle action.Iron


  4. In theory, EPOC period can NOT :indicate the number of calories consumed at rest


  5. The blood pressure of the pulmonary system:is lower than systemic circulation. which protects the respiratory membrane.