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  1. The best strategy for dressing to exercise in the cold:
  2. What percentage of americans are overweight?
  3. with moderate to heavy exercise, changes in sodium excretion and urine output occur. What is the purpose?
  4. a form of exercise that utilizes the stretch-shortening cycle, termed ________, helps in the development of muscular power.
  5. In theory, EPOC period can NOT :
  1. a wear layers of clothing
  2. b 67%
  3. c to conserve electrolytes
  4. d is characterized by excess oxygen consumption over that seen during activity.
  5. e Plyometrics

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  1. 4
  2. 30 minutes of moderate exercise (moderate), 20 mins of vigorous exercise 3 days a week, Combination of the two (2 mod, 2 vig) Resistance training with main muscle groups!
  3. The size of the muscle fibers
  4. Distance and Force
  5. altering the hemoglobin content of the blood

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  1. The lag in oxygen uptake at the beginning of exercise is termed:oxygen deficit


  2. __________ is necessary for the blood to carry adequate oxygen.wear layers of clothing


  3. The primary purpose of the pulmonary system is:To Provide and interface for gas exchange


  4. what information would NOT be used to determine above and below lactate threshold running pacesBlood Pressure


  5. List three field tests to estimate aerobic power (VO2 max)Mile Run, 12 minute run/walk test, step test