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  1. Calories per gram of fat
  2. which of the following is an adaptation that the body makes to chronic heat stress:
  3. crossover concept
  4. Bradycardia
  5. __________ is necessary for the blood to carry adequate oxygen.
  1. a Iron
  2. b as exercise increases= stop using fat but shift to carbs; better trained= shifts to right
  3. c early onset of sweating
  4. d slower than normal resting heart rate (<60 bpm)
  5. e 9

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  1. the decreased number of capillaries supplying each muscle fiber.
  2. Osteoporosis, Eating Disorder, Menstrual Irregularities
  3. 3 ATP
  4. Platueaing or decreasing in V02 with increasing workload
  5. does not undergo measurable changes

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  1. RER does not:indicate the number of calories consumed at rest


  2. The skinfold test estimates body fat by:measurement of subcutaneous body fat.


  3. Distance-running performances are generally not as good when conducted at a high altitude because, This is due to:Lower P02


  4. What percentage of americans are overweight?4


  5. with moderate to heavy exercise, changes in sodium excretion and urine output occur. What is the purpose?is decreased with the greatest decrease occurring in diastole


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