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  1. _______ refers to planned variation in training, with the goal of optimizing physical performance
  2. angia pectoris
  3. The storage form of carbs is:
  4. Minimum recommendation to promote and maintain health:
  5. with moderate to heavy exercise, changes in sodium excretion and urine output occur. What is the purpose?
  1. a 30 minutes of moderate exercise (moderate), 20 mins of vigorous exercise 3 days a week, Combination of the two (2 mod, 2 vig) Resistance training with main muscle groups!
  2. b Glycogen
  3. c Chest pain due to ischemia to cardiac tissue
  4. d to conserve electrolytes
  5. e Periodization

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  1. Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type
  2. aerobic fitness
  3. wear layers of clothing
  4. Antagonist
  5. Blood Pressure

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  1. The lag in oxygen uptake at the beginning of exercise is termed:oxygen deficit


  2. which of the following is an adaptation that the body makes to chronic heat stress:early onset of sweating


  3. What technique does the body NOT use to control blood flow during activity?altering the hemoglobin content of the blood


  4. Muscle growth from long-term resistance training is primarily due to the increase in the:does not undergo measurable changes


  5. Compared to the value measured at sea level, when a subject works at the same work rate at 3,000 meters altitude, the heart rate is:Resting Vo2