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pituitary hormones

antidiuretic hormone
increases water reabsorption (water returns to the blood)
hyposecretion of ADH
causes diabetes insipidus
hypersecretion of ADH
causes syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone
initiates labor, promotes milk secretion
adrenocorticotropic hormone
promotes secretions of some hormones by adrenal cortex, especially cortisol
hypersecretion of ACTH
causes Cushing disease
follicle-stimulating hormone
stimulates egg production, increases estrogen secretion. stimulates sperm production
hyposecretion of FSH
causes failure of sexual maturation
growth hormone (somatotropin)
bone, cartilage, liver, muscle, and other tissues. increases use of fats for energy
hyposecretion of GH
causes pituitary dwarfism in children
hypersecretion of GH
causes gigantism in children, acromegaly in adults
luteinizing hormone
promotes ovulation, stimulates production of estrogen and progesterone. promotes secretion of testosterone
hyposecretion of LH
failure of sexual maturity
along with other hormones, promotes lactation
hyposecretion of prolactin
causes poor lactation
hypersecretion of prolactin
causes galactorrhea
thyroid-stimulating hormone
stimulates secretion of thyroid hormone
hyposecretion of TSH
causes cretinism in infants; myxedema in adults
hypersecretion of TSH
causes graves disease, exophthalmos