English Short Story Test

Enjoy and good luck! If you do this test like a zillion times, you should get an A+!
Joan Aiken
Author of The Third Wish
Cynthia Rylant
Author of Papa's Parrot
Edward D. Hoch
Author of Zoo
Laurence Yep
Author of Ribbons
James Ramsey Ullman
Author of A Boy and a Man
Piri Thomas
Author of Amigo Brothers
Ray Bradbury
Author of All Summer in a Day
Mr. Peters
Protagonist of The Third Wish
Harry Tillian
Protagonist of Papa's Parrot
Professor Hugo
Protagonist of Zoo
Protagonist of Ribbons
Rudi Matt
Protagonist of A Boy and a Man
Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas
Protagonist of Amigo Brothers
Protagonist of All Summer in a Day
Jane Yolen
Author of Suzy and Leah
Walter Dean Myers
Author of The Treasure of Lemon Brown
Suzy and Leah
Protagonists of Suzy and Leah
Greg Ridley
Protagonist of The Treasure of Lemon Brown
Leita, Rhea, Forest King
Other characters in The Third Wish
Third Person Omniscient
The Third Wish point of view
Mr. Tillian, Rocky, Harry's friends
Other characters in Papa's Parrot
Third Person Omniscient
Papa's Parrot point of view
The Kaans, the humans
Other characters in Zoo
Third Person Omniscient
Zoo point of view
Ian, Father, Mother, Paw-Paw
Other characters in Ribbons
First Person
Ribbons point of view
Captain Winter
Other charactes in A Boy and a Man
Third Person Limited
A Boy and a Man point of view
Other characters in Amigo Brothers
Third Person Omniscient
Amigo Brothers point of view
Bully (William), Teacher, other classmates
Other characters in All Summer in a Day
Third Person Limited
All Summer in a Day point of view
Avi, Suzy's mom, Leah's mutti, Mr. Forest
Other characters in Suzy and Leah
First Person
Suzy and Leah point of view
Lemon Brown, Father, thugs
Other characters in The Treasure of Lemon Brown
Third Person Limited
The Treasure of Lemon Brown point of view
Mr. Peters was lonely
The Third Wish conflict (C vs S)
Harry doesn't want to go to the candy shop anymore
Papa's Parrot conflict (C vs C & C vs S)
point of view
the perspective from which a story is told
When Suzy read Leah's diary
Suzy and Leah climax
The revealing of the foot binding
Ribbons climax
falling action
The events after the climax that lead to the resolution, the events that help resolve the conflict.
Suzy and Leah don't understand each other
Suzy and Leah conflict (C vs C)
the time and place of an action in a literary work
When Antonio and Felix embrace at the end of the match
Amigo Brothers climax
Proffesor Hugo has to keep the humans and animals happy
Zoo conflict (C vs C)
Captain Winter is stuck in a crevasse
A Boy and a Man conflict #1 (C vs N)
Rudi wants to climb the Citadel
A Boy and a Man conflict #2 (C vs S)
internal conflict
a problem or struggle within a character
Harry realizes that his father really misses him
Papa's Parrot climax
the universal/central message about people or life that the author communicates to the reader
external conflict
a struggle between a character and an outside force
the act of creating and developing a character
When Rudi tells Captain Winter that he wants to climb the Citadel
A Boy and a Man climax
Margot misses the sun and hates Venus
All Summer in a Day conflict
indirect characterization
the writer depends on the reader to infer the character's traits by the writer's description of a character's actions, appearance, or speech
Antonio and Felix are worried their friendship will get in the way of their fight
Amigo Brothers conflict (C vs C)
When the kids remember Margot is still in the closet
All Summer in a Day climax
a person or animal that takes part in the action of a literary work
short story
a brief work of fiction
Paw-Paw ignores Stacy
Ribbons conflict
rising action
the main events in a story leading up to the climax
the sequence of events in a literary work
Mr. Peters turns Leita back into a swan
The Third Wish climax
third person
the writer/narrator stands outside the action to describe it
direct characterization
the writer states the character's traits
the turning point in a story
a struggle between opposing forces, causes the action
the conclusion of the story, usually the conflict is resolved here
When you realize it's a zoo for both the humans and the Kaans
Zoo climax
1st person
the narrator is in the story and refers to himself/herself as "I"
Greg is having trouble succeeding
The Treasure of Lemon Brown conflict
When Greg sees the treasure
The Treasure of Lemon Brown climax