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The following factors have contributed to the influence of graphic design except

the rise of Nazism in thirties Germany

A _____ is a designer's blueprint for a work such as a book or magazine


In the 15th century, thie single-sheet ancestors of today's brochures and newspapers were called


Among the most pervasive symbols of our time are

logos and trademarks

John Meda urges graphic designers to

learn programming skills

The US Department of Transportation commissioned the American Institute of Graphic Arts to

develop a set of symbols that could communicate across language barriers

Typeface refers to

a style of type

Among the most famous of all 19th-century posters are those created by

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Which of the following first allowed designers to means to communicate to a broad public

the printing press

To "set type" means

to create and place it into position

After the 1917 Russian Revolution, _____ created radically new graphics for the masses


Typography refers to

the arrangement and appearance of printed letters

One of the most celebrated 19th century artists, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, created posters for the famous dance hall called the

Moulin Rouge

The _____ first made it possible to devise a notice that could be reproduced in large numbers and distributed widely

printing press

Although symbols convey information and embody ideas

All of the above

The ancient symbol from Chinese philosophy that embodies a worldview of mutual interdependence is the


According to the author, graphic disign as we know it today has its roots in two developments. They are

the printing press and the industrial revolution

Which graphic design team developed the familiar set of symbols used today to communicate information across language barriers to international travelers

Cook and Shanosky

A ____ is often the first and key element in creating a complete corporate identity


An image created to accompany words is called

an illustration

The logo _____ was developed by an artists' collective to carry a message about AIDS

Silence = Death

_____ is the arrangement and appearance of letters in graphic design


A designer's blueprint for books and magazines and other works in print is called

a layout

With his design for a spread in Ray Gun magazine illustrating and article on musician Morrissey, _____ subverted traditional graphic design principles

David Carson

Broadsides, first appearing in the _____ century, were single sheets that argued political or religious causes, told of recent events, and advertised festivals and fairs


Graphic design used to be known as _____ art


The development of _____ in the 19th century introduced the widespread use of color in posters

color lithography

Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, the _____ applied their artistic skills to designing posters, industrial products, and everyday items in hopes of creating a new society


In 1525, with the advent of moveable type, _____ created a unified alphabet that could be mass-produced

Albrecht Durer

Designing for the Web adds the potential for _____ reactions to choices made by a visitor to the site

motion and interactivity

The American graphic designer who created some of the most memorable logos for IBM, UPS, and ABC is

Paul Rand

The Saturday Evening Post published this artist's work throughout most of his career

Norman Rockwell

The Constructivist poster In the Spring was designed by

none of the above

Graphic design differs from the fine arts in its emphasis on the communication of

a specific message

Grphic artists usually communicate through

words and pictures

The factors which have contributed to the influence of graphic design include the revolution in travel and communication in the 20th century, the Industrial Revolution and

the printing press

Graphic designers often invent symbols for corporations; such symbols are called


The tolls used by graphic designers include drawn or painted illustration, _____ and _____

type / photography

The goal of advertising art is to get the consumer to

perceive a difference between products

In order for an advertisement to be successful, it first must be


The most successful advertisements combine beautiful images with

size and originality

A famous graphic artist noted for his magazine covers is

Norman Rockwell

Probably the _____ has had the most influence on graphic design in the 20th century


Rockwell's success was based on his portraying

ordinary people doing orginary things

Kroninger's illustration of Michael Jackson is a


Today's most advanced graphic designers can create new and different word pictures by

designing an original typeface

Universal signs with easily recognized images are especially needed

at the olympics

Cover design is the main factor in poeple's decision

to purchase a magazine

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