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Time Idioms


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just around the corner
very close in time/distance
to finish on time
to complete a project in the amount of time allotted
to make good time
progressing at a good rate, without wasting time
to work around the clock
to work for the entire day
in the small hours
in the hours just after midnight
never in a million years
a way to say that something is impossible
at the eleventh hour
at the last minute; almost too late
on the company's time
the time that one's employer is paying them to work
better late than never
better to do something late than not at all
like clockwork
very regularly, or at exactly the planned times:
ahead of time
to get something done before it is expected
to make up for lost time
to compensate for work that is late
to play for time
to try to gain extra time before acting
no time to waste
there is no extra time
once in a blue moon
very rarely
at the crack of dawn
start very early in the morning
call it a day
decide to finish (usually working)
once in a lifetime
never likely to happen again
in no time at all
to do something very quickly
from time to time
sometime but not regularly
nine times out of ten
almost always
work against the clock
work fast because time is limited