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Subtractive processes include


In sculpture, the term contrapposto means that the figure is

posed with the weight of the body shifted onto one foot

Running Fence, Surrounded Islands, and The Gates are just a few of the works created by

Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Which artist said "I chose the body as a subject...because it is the one form that we all share"?

Kiki Smith

Louise Bourgeois's Red Room (Child) was made using the sculptural process of


Sculpture in which the subjects project very slightly from the background is called

low relief

In traditional African sculpture, the human figure most often represents


The additive process of sculpture includes

modeling and assembling only

Which sculptor uses contemporary materials such as cast fiberglass and acrylic urethane?

Luis Jiménez

Sculpture that is freestanding and completely finished on all sides is called

in the round

The carving method:

all of the above

The Indian sculpture Durga Fighting the Buffalo Demon is an example of:

high-relief sculpture

Four basic methods for making a sculpture are

modeling, casting, carving, and assembling

The additive process of sculpture includes

both b and d
A) carving.
B) assembling

Direct casting, as used by Nancy Graves, is a process in which

the casting is created directly from the object with no wax intermediary

The subtractive process involves


Relief sculpture is

all of the above

In sculpture, what is the most popular modeling material?


Fired clay is sometimes called

terra cotta

Tilted Arc by Richard Serra was dismantled and removed from its installed site because

it was rejected by the public for which it was intended

The ______ process, also known as cire-perdue, dates back to the 3rd millennium BCE


Casting is known as ______ method

a replacement

Sculptors will often create a "sketch" out of __________ to test ideas before proceeding to their medium of choice


What is the key difference between the process of lost-wax casting as practiced in ancient times, and that same process today

Today, multiples can be created from the process

________ is a sculptural process of bringing together individual pieces, segments, or objects to form a sculpture.


High relief sculpture is different than low relief sculpture in that:

both a and c
high relief projects boldly from the background
elements of high relief may be in the round, unattached to the background

Jeff Koon's sculpture Puppy

explores definitions of taste

Contrapposto (meaning counter poise or counterbalance) was developed by ________ as a pose for sculptures of the human figure

Ancient Greeks

The artworks of Christo and Jeanne-Claude are intended

all of the above

In the earthworks of __________, the element of time moves to center stage

Andy Goldsworthy

Deborah Butterfield transforms scraps of our industrial society into

sculptures of horses

Philadelphia Cornucopia by Red Grooms exemplifies the artist's desire for

active audience participation in large scale works of art

The most obvious characteristic of sculpture is its use of


Two basic methods for making sculptures are

modeling and assembling

Carving is considered an _____ process


Clay sculpture is sometimes called


The most often used metal for casting is


Statues of a man on a horse are called


The surface coloring of a bronze statue is called its


Henry Moore's sculptures often show the family group, a reclining female figure, and the form

within the form

Michelangelo thought that a sculptor simply had to ____ the subject from the surrounding stone block


Nevelson unified her large assemblages of found objects with


Sculptures in the round are freestanding; relief sculptures are meant to be seen

on one side

Sculptures which utilize motion as part of their expression are called


Farming combined with the aesthetic impulse results in

crop art

Abakanowicz's sculpture achieves much of its effect from the principle of

rhythm & repetition

The Greek contribution to sculptural poses is called


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