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cellular resp. review... because ATP are friends with benefits. *still under construction.*


means "to cut sugar"


first stage of cellular respiration

krebs cycle

second stage of cellular respiration

citric acid cycle

the krebs cycle is also known as the...

electron transport

the third stage of cellular respiration


glycolysis is an _________ process.


glycolysis produces _____ ATP.

adenosine triphosphate

ADP stands for...

adenine, ribose, and three phosphates

the molecule adenosine triphosphate is composed of...

five carbon sugar

ribose is a ______.

oxidative phosphorylation

phosphorylation that involves free-floating PO4

substrate-level phosphorylation

phosphorylation that involves PO4 from another molecule

second and third ATP molecules

the high energy bond of ATP is found between...

ATP cycle

the continued construction and destruction of ATP

1 gram

the amount of ATP present at any given moment


glycolysis occurs in the...


chemicals that speed up reactions without being used up in said reactions

catabolic process

cellular respiration is a...

C6 + H12 + O6 + 6CO2 --> 6CO2 + 6H2O + 36-38 ATP

equation for cell. resp.


_____ organisms utilize cell. resp.


_____ acts like gravity as it pulls electrons down the chain.


_____ must be invested during glycolysis to destabilize the molecule.

two phophoglyceraldehyde molecules

_____ are created after a series of enzymatic processes. these two molecules will be further broken down during the acetate & krebs steps.

two molecules of CO2

_____ of ______ are made during acetate when the carboxyl group of the pyruvate is oxidized. (its happening twice!)


phosphoglyceraldehyde is further broken down into two molecules of _____ after a series of enzymatic processes. two ATP are created during this final step of glycolysis.

mitochondrial matrix

acetate occurs in the...


NAD+ is reduced to _____ whenever a molecule is oxidized (as in krebs & acetate.)

two ATP

____ are made during krebs.


cousin of NADH.

acetyl CoA and oxaloacetate

after pyruvates carboxyl group is oxidized, a two-carbon base (acetate) remains. _______ escorts this base to the krebs cycle where _______ reduces the molecule to six-carbon citrate.


_____ are familiar characters during glycolysis and krebs. gotta love homophones.

inner mitochondrial membrane

electron transport occurs hereeeeeeeeeeee. (from now on it's IMM, 'cause im lazy.)

ATP synthase

enzyme that helps make ADP into ATP via a hydrogen ion concentration gradient.


clears the channel


_____ and _____ carry electrons to the IMM.

36-38 ATP

cellular respiration yields _______.

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