7th Grade Vocabulary Week 2

12 terms by bclane

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glum (adj.)

Depressed, gloomy

replica (n)

Copy that is not the original

responsive (adj)

Readily reacting to suggestions and influences

upheaval (n)

Disturbance usually in protest

sanctuary (n)

A shelter from danger or hardship

self-seeking (adj)

Wanting to gain advantage for oneself

submissive (adj)

Tending to obey or yield

allegiance (n)

Loyalty and commitment to an individual or group.

commemorate (v)

To honor the memory of

enumerate (v)

Count or list; specify one-by-one

exalt (v)

To glorify, to praise, to raise in rank

extort (v)

To obtain by violence, misuse of authority, or threats

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